Thursday, July 29, 2010


It is with Great pleasure and an Honor to Interview Author Sandi Greenberg.


                       52 Comprehensive Lessons For Lifelong Practice


Geri:     What inspires you the most to write?

Sandi:        I was inspired to write "YOUR YOGA EXPERIENCE" by my desire to share yoga with
                 others. I have benefited immeasurably from all aspects of yoga and realized that I could only
                 reach a limited number of people in my classes, where a book has far reaching possibilities.
                 Most people associate yoga with only the physical practice, and it is indeed a wonderful
                 exercise program. However, I believe it's the philosophical focus, interwoven with that
                 physical practice. Most important, its application off the yoga mat and into a person's life
                 that is the most transformational experience of all. That is what I try to convey in my book
                 and how I structure my classes, by highlighting the mind-body connection. The physical
                 postures, the breathing techniques, the meditation, and the world view. It's all yoga. This is
                 the peace of mind and happiness I hope to share through my writing. In addition, I saw that
                 new teachers were having difficulty putting together their lessons and as a retired English
                 teacher, lesson plans are a part of my thinking process. By creating a book of lesson plans,
                  they could observe the structure of a class until they were ready to use the template as
                 a springboard for their own ideas. There is nothing else like this available on the market, so
                 I hoped to fill this need for them.

Geri:            When did you first realize that you wanted to be a writer?

Sandi:           As an undergraduate, I had written a lot of poetry and thought someday to have it published.
                    As a graduate student, various professors suggested publishing some of my research papers,
                    which I never did. But the seed was planted that someday, I would like to write and publish
                    my writings. Once I started writing lessons for my yoga classes, which included yoga
                    philosophies and their applications on-and-off of the yoga mat, I knew that I would need to
                    share them with others.

Geri:             Who is your favorite author?

Sandi:          My favorite poet has always been Walt Whitman, which tells me that perhaps, I've always
                   had the soul for yoga. Favorite fiction writers are more difficult to name, because there are
                   so many that I enjoy and appreciate, from the classics to modern writers. I enjoy fiction with
                   a message, Lionel Shriver, Carol Shields, and Alice Walker. Also, I enjoy Tony Morrison.
                   In general, though it's easier to mention specific books, rather than authors: THE NAME OF
                   THE ROSE(Eco), PILLARS OF THE EARTH(Follett), JITTERBUG PERFUME(Robbins),
                   THE GEOGRAPHER'S LIBRARY(Fasman), THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA(Goldman),
                   THE DOGS OF BABEL(Parkhurst). For non-fiction, I mainly read books on yoga.

Geri:            If you were to write in a different genre, what would it be?

Sandi:          Like so many English teachers and lit. majors, I've entertained the idea of writing a novel,
                   so who knows what else will come out some day?

Geri:            Do you have current work in progress?

Sandi:          I continue to write lessons for my classes and hope to publish another volume of '52 more
                   comprehensive lessons for lifelong practice.' I have made an additional '52 philosophies
                   and their applications to daily life' into a box set of cards, in addition to the card set for the
                   first 52 from the book.

Geri:         Thank you for your time with today's interview. Your work is very impressive. I wish you
                 much success!

Sandi:        You're welcome.


It is with Great Pleasure and an honor to Interview Author W.G. Griffiths, an award winning thriller writer of seven books.


Geri:     What inspires you the most to write?

W.G. Griffiths:    That's like asking me what inspires me to eat and breathe. Writing is how I get the stories
                          out of  my mind. If I don't write, it becomes like rush hour on the Long Island Expressway.

Geri:               Who is your favorite author?

W.G. Griffiths:       Probably Crichton

Geri:                   Do you have current work in progress?

W.G. Griffiths:        Yes! I'm currently doing the authorized bio of hall of fame jockey, Angel Cordero Jr.
                               What an amazing life of winning through adversity.

Geri:                      Did you enjoy reading as a child?

W.G. Griffiths:        Yes, but selectively. There was nothing I loved more than comics for their imagination,
                               and pace. I was too bouncing off the walls to read anything that wasn't fantastic.
                               Huckleberry Finn was fantastic.

Geri:                      If you were to write in a different genre, what would it be?

W.G. Griffiths:         As it is, I have written:  Mystery, Supernatural, Action, Adventure, Young Adult,
                               Historical Fiction, Science Fiction, Non-fiction Drama, Tragedy, and working
                               on a bio. So, I guess whatever story excites me is the one I want to write.

Geri:                      Thank you very much for your time. I wish you much success in your journey of

W.G. Griffiths:         You're welcome.