Wednesday, February 27, 2013


It is with honor and a great pleasure to welcome back author Snjezana Marinkovic with her new release, the sequel to 'Born In Sarajevo Series, "IF." A Memoir. Thank you kindly for today's interview. I wish you much success in your writing endeavors.

**Author Interview #2**

How important is a book cover?
Book covers are like display windows in department stores. They draw you in with the possibilities of what might be behind them. However, if you are happy with what was contained inside takes much more than imagery out front. It takes something that makes you want to turn to the last page.

Have you attended book signings?
Not yet.

Is writing a stress-reliever, a passion, or both?
Writing is my passion. However, it is more of an escape from the boredom and frustration of everyday life, than a simple stress-reliever. I find myself in my own secret place, when my moods match the words on the page.

Has television ever inspired you to write?
For me, there are many different ways and means to seek inspiration. I get inspired to write while walking the streets, observing the "uncensored" world in its unedited reality. The simplicity and uniqueness of a man holding a sign that reads,"need money for beer, have empathy for my honesty" brings me closer to my muse.

Did you have favorite books as a child?
   As a child, I would read any book that I came across. However, I have always enjoyed stories about dogs, especially the ones with happy endings. I smile even now, when thinking of Lassie finding her way home.                                     

**INTERVIEW with Midnight**Author of ADDICTED 2 THUGGIN

It is with honor and great pleasure to Interview Midnight, author of 'Addicted To Thuggin.' Thank you kindly for today's interview, and I wish you much success.

'Addicted To Thuggin'~~Urban Fiction/Street Lit (Kindle)

~~~Author Interview~~~

What inspires you to write?
The financial benefits. Times are tough, and writing now inspires me to fulfill my passion.

Do you plan on writing a book every year?
   Yes. I plan on writing several.

Describe your perfect writing atmosphere?
I enjoy writing in silence. I can focus more in a quiet place.

Did you enjoy reading as a child?
 During childhood, I disliked it, becoming my worst subject. But, now I love to read, and it has become my passion. I am now an avid reader.

How important is a book cover?
Book covers are very important. People have said,'don't judge a book by its cover.' But, many do. If the cover isn't attractive, you can possibly lose a potential customer.

Do you have current work in progress?
Yes. I'm currently working hard on the sequel to 'Addicted 2 Thuggin' and several other novels.

In your opinion, what is success?
To meet the goals one has strived for.