Friday, November 16, 2012


It is an honor and a Great pleasure to Interview an author who travels around the world for the many years that I have known this talented writer. Thank you Steven for Today's Interview. I wish you much Success.

~~~INTERVIEW #3~~~

Describe your perfect writing atmosphere.

I like to write with the lights low, and music in my headphones that fits the scene I am writing. Music takes me beyond where I am, and into the story. I am a bit unique in that I do not think in words as much as in pictures. I can mentally visualize a scene, or a whole book, and write it in great detail, because I always see it before I write it. Music, quiet and dimmed lights add to my depth, so that I can get out of the world and into the one I am creating.

Have you had the pleasure to discuss your books with a fan?

When I was writing The Second Republic, I chose several friends to read what was going forward in the book. One of my biggest fans all the way from Spain wrote the following:

"Fischer Harrison appears again in the second part of the Patriot Acts Novel, 'The Second Republic' as brave, smart, and a good man as he was in the first one. You get involved in the story from the first line, and after all, this fiction novel is characterized for being so realistic, that it's almost scary." Paula Sanchez-Spain

Of course, such words from a reader is like medicine for a tired mind. It greatly encourages and strengthens us. Here are a few more statements I have received:

"You lead such an interesting life, and observe so much that is topical. Your writing makes the stories and issues come alive. Thank you. I am in awe."

"Full of complex machinations and apocalyptic visions of a possible future, 'Nimrod Rising' is a thought-provoking work of epic proportions. Steven Bradley has shown us different, and quite frankly, a frightening way to look at world events. His characters show a depth and complexity that bring them to life in our world, and show an eerie similarity to many of today's world leaders. Reading the newspaper will never be the same again."
-Ronald W. Adams, author 'Lake Effect' & 'Key Lime Squeeze.'

    How important are promotions to a book?

Oh my! There can be no great amount of recognition that a book even exists, without marketing and promotions. I have a pretty good following, but I would have already finished another whole series if I had someone to promote. Almost all that I have done in marketing my books has been done by me, and it does make it hard for the author to come out of the writer's chair, and into the promoter's chair so often. Someone like you Geri is a Godsend to writers. I am sure there are thousands of great books out there that few people know about, which no one was willing to take a chance and promote. I am excited to get my books before the readers. We of course want to make money, but real writers want them just to be read and analyzed more than the money.

  Do you think that a book cover is of interest to potential customers?

Every good book is a metaphor. I have the pleasure of designing and using each of my book covers for my novels. When someone see's an author's book on the shelf or in an online store, rarely will the reader take a moment to contemplate how much time and effort went into developing and producing a first-class cover.

Most likely, a reader rarely realizes how long an author will just sit and stare at their proposed cover to make sure everything is placed right, that the colors are perfect and that the cover tells a synopsis of the book, before it ever gets purchased. Yet, nothing is more vital and amazingly powerful than the photo that adorns your book, and which is perhaps the greatest incentive to drive readers to invest in your book.

A great cover paints an atmosphere, a feeling that is intense and full of calamity, or loving and romantic. If those are the images my metaphoric picture conjures up as you view it, then that means I infused your mind with the thoughts and feeling I wanted to portray.

What were your favorite books as child?

Definitely, the two books or series were 'The Chronicles Of Narnia' and 'Nancy Drew' mysteries. I will confess that I was a weird child, Geri. I preferred to digest volumes of World Book Encyclopedias than stories. I was always interested in travel and other parts of the world. But, that does serve an example of how what we read can guide out lives. I have visited thirty-four countries, and it all started from 'World Book Encyclopedia.'