Saturday, November 26, 2011

*INTERVIEW #3 with Author W.G. Griffiths*

It is an Honor and with Great Pleasure to Welcome back Author W.G. Griffiths. Thank you Bill for Today's Interview. I wish you continued success.

W.G. Griffiths is the Award Winning Author of Malchus; Driven; Takedown; Stingers, Methuselah's Pillar; and just released Talons. He lives on Long Island and is currently working on Timeless, the sequel to Methuselah's Pillar, and two other non-fiction books.

~~~Author Interview #3~~~

Do you plan on writing a book every year?

Yes. Actually, I'm working on three right now, but only one is a novel, the other two are non-fiction.

Describe your perfect reading location.

My perfect reading location would be somewhere in the rain. Rain works magic on my focus, because there's no outdoor activities calling, except if it's accompanied by very high hurricane caliber winds. That would draw me out.

Has a movie ever influenced you to create a new project?

Sure. I love good movies with great plots. They inspire. 'The Highlander' would be a good example. I've written a few books that deal with immortality, and the flashbacks in distant history create excellent story and character development.

In your opinion, what does it take to become successful?

Heart, more than anything else. Attack the work, or it will attack you.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


It is an Honor and with Great Pleasure to Interview Author Sharon Hays. Thank you Kindly Sharon for Today's Interview. I wish you continued Success.

~~~Author Interview~~~

What Inspires you to write?

My writing is inspired by my love of great mystery books, and life experience. I have so much to write, it seems as though I could go on forever. Even when I was a child, I wrote short-stories, and poetry. One in particular was about an Indian Chief, which received quite good grades from my teachers. I guess I always loved to write, but mostly poetry and some short stories, while in creative writing classes.

Who is your favorite author?

Oddly enough, my very favorite author is William Cullen Bryant. His poem 'Thanatopsis' was such an exquisite form of prose on the subject of death  and dying, that I never forgot it. He wrote such an eloquent description of what would normally be a very depressing subject, I thought. I was about fourteen then, I think. Edgar Allen Poe and Kahlil Gibran are also very impressive in my opinion. Current writers such as Stephen King and Dean Koontz are among some of my favorites.

Did you have favorite books as a child?

When I was young, the Nancy Drew Mystery Series was my favorite. I think I read them all once, or twice.

In your opinion, how important is a book cover?

The book cover is half the battle, I believe. It's about drawing in the looker. As in any kind of store, it's the first impression and you want someone to pick it up and thumb through it, and read the prologue. If the art is intriguing, it won't be passed on.

Do you have current work in progress?

My current work is a new children's book, 'Adventures Of Sadie Ladybug.' It is another learning with fun story for an audience of ages four to nine. Great illustrations by the artist, who has done all of my books to date. As soon as the illustrations are complete, the book will be ready to publish. 

The other book I have close to print is completely different from the rest of my works. It is an art/poetry compilation made up of art prints from twenty-five artists around the world: USA; India; Turkey; Australia: Italy; Germany; Russia; and Uzbekestan. A diverse works of photography; oil; acrylic; digital art; and sketches, which are accented with much of my poetry which I wrote for the piece, or the artist created from my poetry. There are a few other poets in the book that also reflect some of the artists works. I believe this has been the most exciting, because I was able to communicate, and become friends with artists in other countries. I would have never met, otherwise. It has been an eye-opening experience, and the book is going to be phenomenal. I paint, but only a little as there is not enough time for both art and writing, but I did include one of my acrylics in the works. The book, An Opulent Tableau Of Essence, is in layout stage, and soon will become a reality.

Friday, November 11, 2011


It is an Honor and with Great Pleasure to 'Welcome Back' Author Steven Clark Bradley. Thank you Steven for Today's Interview. I wish you very much Success.

~About The Author~

I worked a number of years in various countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa. God granted me the privilege of visiting or living in thirty-four countries, where I worked extensively with Kurdish refugees from Turkey, Iraq, and Syria. I established a school by correspondence for African students in the African countries of the Gambia and Senegal West Africa, and founded a Cultural Center for refugees in France, where I lived for six years. Because of my experience, today I can speak French and Turkish.

What has inspired you the most to write?

I have always been a storyteller. I was writing my dreams and my ideas, when I was as young as ten. I have a need to express the things I believe, and want to tell in a manner that uses real-life issues to tell a story that can wake people up. I have always had a fear of one day dying, and no-one would know I had been here. I realized that the best way to be remembered is to do something memorable.

Is writing a passion, a stress-reliever, or both?

Writing is definitely a passion for me. It is something I have never been able to suppress. There is nothing greater than writing, and creating something from nothing. It's the closest thing to the divine! I have lived in many cultures, and it has given me a love for the differences amongst us. I am a student of American culture, and write about the changes in our society. So, sometimes my writing is stressful suspense, but I do get a great peace, after having written a great chapter.

How many books have you written?

I have written six books, and number seven is 'The Consortium.' This book is written, and being edited. Here is a description of each book:

'The Most Intelligent Of Idiots-The Memoirs Of Steven Clark Bradley.'
Every living thing that walks and breathes and rationally processes information is a living, breathing, walking story that possesses both positive reasoned and brainless conclusions.

'The Second Republic-Patriot Acts-Part II'
What would America do if we were faced with a horrendous terrorist attack that no amount of security could stop?

'Patriot Acts'
The Republic of Iran has linked-up with radical American Militia groups to carry out  a covert nuclear attack on America. Colonel Fisher Harrison, the best trained Special Ops killer that the military has, is the one person who can effectively retaliate against these adversaries.  

'Nimrod Rising'
Have you ever felt that the world was guided in ways that are beyond man's control? The constant changes in the world since the time of Nimrod 4000 years ago until today and all the events that have shaken the world have been to bring the universe back into the hands of the Prince Of Darkness, Lucia, a world that he had ruled with his Watchers, before it was all ripped from his grasp when man was created. 

Unknown to Wallace Findings, a one-night stand results in twins. The mother is murdered soon after their birth, to cover a hideous crime, which sends Findings on an eighteen year hunt for her murderer.

'Probable Cause'
Greg Bradford is an escaped mental patient, a man who wants revenge, a man prepared to do anything to get his life back, and has a plan to do it.

If you were to write in a different genre, what would it be?

You know, this is actually an amazing question! 'The Most Intelligent Of Idiots' has been my most extensive work in the autobiographical genre. I found it exhilarating and sometimes shockingly redemptive. I think I could be a very extensive and exhaustive biographer of many of the world's most recent and distant people and events, which have rocked and shaped the present day world.I feel that as a writer with an extensive career around the globe, we can almost write a new genre that I entitled 'biographical fiction.' So much of my work is actual events around which I have woven a tense and suspenseful treatise in fiction. I like to think that I am writing what I have realized are rational conclusions, if the world continues on its present collapse. 

What are your writing goals for the future?

I am currently working on three projects, some on the back-burner, and others very developed and growing. Here is a description of my various works in progress:

'The Consortium'
This is the third installment to the 'Patriot Acts Series' and I believe the most powerful of the three. 'The Consortium' finishes the Patriot Acts Trilogy.

'Blogger Series'
I have already written twenty-six chapters of my upcoming novel series titled 'Blogger.'

'The Messiah Syndrome Series'
I have three books of this series ready to be edited, and I am determined to publish them one at a time in four volumes.

'Willow Morgan Series'
There is nothing more important than imparting strong values into the lives of our children. This is a story about decisions, wise judgement and strong convictions, about which is right, and which is wrong.                                                                  


It is with Great Pleasure and an Honor to Interview Author Dianne Ebbertt Beeaff.
Unraveling the Megalithic Mysteries of Western Europe's Prehistoric Monuments
Thank you kindly Dianne for Today's Interview. I wish you much Success.

A native of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Dianne moved to Phoenix, AZ, with her sister Carol, in the late 1960s. A history major at the University of Arizona, she graduated with high honors, and has skillfully applied her expertise with historical research and analysis to her personal and professional writing.

On her first visit to the British Isles in the late 1980s, Dianne Ebertt Beeaff was captivated by the region's magnificent stones. An avid traveler and historian, she has since been drawn not only to the architecture of Europe's megalithic monuments, stone circles and burial chambers, but also to their spiritual allure and contemporary significance.


Did you have favorite books during childhood?

As a child, I loved 'The Wind In The Willows' and all the books of Thorton Burgess. But, the book that got me hooked on writing at the tender age of eight was a book titled 'Deep River Girl' about the life of Marian Anderson.

What inspires you to write?

I am inspired by many things, past, present, and future. This particular book was inspired by my decades-long love of the prehistoric monuments of Western Europe. I felt this book could be a way I could honor this part of the human past, and at the same time link their form and function to our present day search for spiritual insight, connecting the long ago and far away with the here-and-now.

How important is a book cover?

A book's cover is tremendously important as it's the reader's first glimpse at your work, at least while books are still predominantly non-electronic. Color and form, structure and design and graphics must come together with enough power to grab the reader's attention, and make them want to know more. Specific elements are not as important as the overall look.

If you were to write in a different genre, what would it be?

I have written in several other genres, poetry, memoir, and historical fiction among them. I have follow-up ideas in all of those genres as well as a book of short stories.

Do you have current work in progress?

I am presently working on the book of short stories mentioned above, as well as a follow-up to 'A Grand Madness' and a sequel to 'Power's Garden.'

Thursday, November 10, 2011

**INTERVIEW with Author Rick D. Niece, Ph.D

It is an Honor and with Great Pleasure to Interview Rick D. Niece, Ph.D
Book I in the fanfare for a Hometown Series
Thank you Kindly for Today's Interview. I wish you continued Success.

Dr. Niece began his professional career in education as a high school English and Speech teacher, and he subsequently held a variety of administrative positions at the public school level. In 1988, he left the public school sector to enter higher education, where he served in several positions:Professor;academic dean;provost;and executive vice-president. In 1997, he was named President of the University of the Ozarks in Clarksville, Arkansas.


What inspires you the most to write?

In my writing, I try to capture the sense of small town nostalgia that many of my generation continue to reflect fondly upon. I also want to share that sense of community I felt with a younger generation. Most of all, my writing allows me to keep alive my carefully pocketed memories.

Did you enjoy reading as a child?

Yes! I was a voracious reader. I read every book in my mother's book-rich knitting room, as well as the books in our school library, and the local public library.

How important do you think a book cover is?

Because of geniuses like Linda Radke, I am learning more-and-more about the importance of a striking cover. The cover needs to capture a potential buyer's attention in about eight seconds, and it should entice the buyer to pick the book up, and leaf through it.

If you were to write in a different genre, what would it be?

I would be no good at fiction. If there were only one other genre for me to use to express myself, it would be poetry.

Do you have current work in progress?

Yes. The Band Plays On, Book II in the Fanfare for a Hometown Series is currently in the editing stages. After my retirement in July 2013, I will continue the series with Book III, which also takes place in my small hometown of DeGraff, Ohio.