Sunday, October 31, 2010


It is a Great Pleasure and an Honor to bring back Author Gary Starta.

Author of 7 Published books including:   "GODS OF THE MACHINES"

Genre:     Science Fiction/Mystery/Romance  (diverse novel collection)

All Royalties are donated to the Namcha Wayward for animals. A no-kill shelter.


Geri:     How many books have you written, including the titles?

Gary:    I have written seven that are published. The titles are: WHAT ARE YOU MADE

Geri:      Do you plan on writing a book every year?

Gary:     Yes! I generally adhere to that schedule.

Geri:      Do you find it easier to write, after becoming a published author?

Gary:     I don't see any difference. When I write, it's between me, and the lap top.

Geri:       What is your perfect writing atmosphere?

Gary:      I prefer just a serene setting, and nothing too exciting, so I won't get
                easily distracted. Hopefully, while I'm writing, my mind has been transported
                to a much more exciting setting.

Geri:       Do you have current work in progress?

Gary:      I have three novels to place, and an idea formulating for a fourth book.

Geri:        It's great to have you back. Thank you for today's interview. I wish you very
                 much success in your writing journey.

Gary:       You're welcome.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


It is an Honor and with Great Pleasure to bring back Author Deanie Humphrys-Dunne.


                          Genre:  Children

Author of:     "CHARLIE THE HORSE"

                           Genre:    Children

Author of:       "CHARLENE THE STAR"

                            Genre:   Children



Geri:      How many book have you written, and what are the titles?

Deanie:    I have three books published. The titles are: TAILS OF SWEETBRIER, CHARLIE
                 THE HORSE, and CHARLENE THE STAR.

Geri:        What kind of books do you like to read?

Deanie:      My favorites are biographies, or autobiographies. I truly enjoy learning about the life
                   experiences, challenges, and joys of people. It's fun to learn about their philosophies,
                   as well. In addition, I enjoy children's books that are comical, like GEORGE AND
                   MARTHA, and the AMELIA BEDELIA series.

Geri:         Do you think blogging helps promotions?

Deanie:     Yes! I think it's important to give my books as much exposure as possible. Blogging
                  introduces my books to many people, who may not otherwise have heard of them.

Geri:         Should you judge a book by its cover?

Deanie:      Perhaps not entirely, but I do think the cover must entice the reader. It should be
                   colorful, to attract attention and curiosity. After you've seen the cover, you might be
                   interested in checking out the summary on the back to help you make a final decision.
                   If the cover seems boring, you probably won't investigate any further.

Geri:      What are your plans for the future?

Deanie:     I would like to keep writing to inspire children to do their best. I think it's most
                  important for them to know that they are all special and unique, with different

Geri:     I wish you very much success in your writing journey.

Deanie:   Thank you very much for taking the time to interview me. I certainly appreciate it.

Geri:       You are quite welcome.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

*INTERVIEW with Author Stacy Deanne Reed**

It is an Honor and with Great Pleasure to Interview Author Stacy-Deanne.

Stacy has written over fifteen books, and three have been published.

Author of:    "Divas Of The New Millennium"
                       2005- Amber Communications Group, INC.

Author of:       "Everlasting"
                          2007-Simon and Schuster

Author of:          "Melody"
                           2008-Simon and Schuster


Geri:       What inspires you the most to write?

Stacy:        To be honest, it just makes me happy. I enjoy how I feel when I write, and it's part of
                   me. I think it was my purpose, and what I was supposed to do.

Geri:        Who is your favorite author?

Stacy:       Too many to name, but I favor the classics: Oscar Wilde, Edgar Allan Poe, Robert
                  Louis Stevenson, Charles Dickens. The list goes on-and-on, but these are some of my

Geri:        If you were to write in a different genre, what would it be?

Stacy:       Really, I haven't thought about it. I write crimes and mysteries, along with interracial
                  romance, because these are my favorite genres. I guess I'd try something like
                  historical fiction. I also like historical romances.

Geri:       Do you have current work in progress?

Stacy:      I have a lot in the works. My next novel, "GIVING UP THE GHOST" comes out in
                 2011. It's my fourth release, and first installment of my mystery-crime series. I've
                 already finished three other books in the series. Besides that, I've finished three
                 other unrelated novels, so I've been doing a lot.

Geri:       Thank you kindly for your time. I wish you much success in your journey of writing.

Stacy:      You're welcome.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

**INTERVIEW #2 With Author Deanie Humphrys-Dunne**

It is with Great Pleasure and an Honor to bring back and Interview Author Deanie Humphrys-Dunne.

Author of:     "TAILS OF SWEETBRIER"

Author of:       "CHARLIE THE HORSE"

Genre:             Children



Geri:        In your opinion, what genre makes the best movies?

Deanie:    I'd love to see more children, family movies.

Geri:       How many books have you written?

Deanie:      I've written three, two are published, and one is almost ready.

Geri:       Do you plan on writing a book every year?

Deanie:    I would like that as a goal.

Geri:       Did you ever have writer's block?

Deanie:     Yes!  Sometimes it's hard to come up with an original idea.

Geri:       Do you listen to music while writing, or focus on a pleasant scenery?

Deanie:      No, I'd rather concentrate on my writing, although I love music.

Geri:        Thank you kindly for your time. I wish you much success in your writing endeavors.

Deanie:     You're welcome.

Friday, October 1, 2010


It is with Great Pleasure and an honor to bring back Author MJ Allaire.

Author of:  "DRAGON'S BREATH"

Denicalis Dragon Chronicles-Book 4

Genre:    Young Adult Fantasy


Geri:     In your opinion, which genre makes the best movies?

MJ:       Fantasy, of course! I love how the author can go totally out in left field with their
              imagination with fantasy, and there is no right or wrong. 'Avatar' was great for that,
              I think.

Geri:       Did you enjoy reading as a child?

MJ:         I did! I'm the youngest of four children, and my brothers are all much older than me, so
                I spent a lot of my childhood by myself. When I complained to my mom that I was bored,
                she would always say, "Read a book!" 

Geri:        Did a special person in your life inspire you to write?

MJ:           My friend Kate was the first to believe in me. She said, "You should think about writing
                  a book."   I decided to follow her advice. One book has turned into a series. I had no
                  idea of what I was getting into!

Geri:        Do you have a special comfort zone when writing?

MJ:          When I write, I really like having either complete silence, or the background sounds of
                  Italian pianist Ludovico Einaudi playing somewhere. His music is very soothing to me,
                  and helps me get into the 'zone' that I need to fully concentrate, and envelope myself
                  into my imagination.

Geri:        What are your goals for your future in your writing journey?

MJ:          My main goal right now is to encourage young adults to keep reading. The written word
                 can take us to so many new, unexpected places. There's nothing better than a good
                 story to take us away for a day, week, or year. I also look forward to quitting my 'day
                 job' and writing full time. I love visiting schools, and plan on doing that as often as I can.
                 I also look forward to doing a book tour, as well as various vendor events, where I can
                 sell my books. I love encouraging other writers, whether they are school-aged or retired,
                 or everything in between, to believe in themselves and to not be afraid to follow their

Geri:        Thank you kindly for your time. I wish you much success in your journey of writing.

MJ:         You're welcome.