Monday, February 20, 2012


It is an honor to bring back author Alexandrea Weis. Author of several books, including 'RECOVERY.'  Thank you Alexandrea for today's Interview. I wish you much Success.

~~~Author Interview #2~~~

Describe your perfect reading location.
Probably, a library in my home, if I had one. I always wanted a room filled from wall to ceiling with books, where I could have peace to read. Right now, any extra room in my house is occupied by orphaned and injured wildlife. Being a wildlife rehabber with the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries takes up most of my reading time these days. 

Of all the books you published, which one was the most enjoyable to write?
Probably, my first book, 'TO MY SENSES.' It opened a door for me, and showed me how important writing is in my life. I discovered my creative voice with that novel. I also learned how to write a book. It was a milestone in my life, and the story is very personal to me, and filled with characters I love.

Has a movie ever inspired your creativity?
Plenty of movies have inspired me, from a very young age. Especially, the epics like Ben Hur, or Cleopatra. The size and scale of such movies always fueled my imagination. Plus, I grew up in the motion picture production business. My father had an independent production company in New Orleans, so movies were an important part of my life. I learned about the technical aspects of the business as well as the creative ones. It helped me as a writer a great deal, because it taught me how to see a scene, or story in my head and write from there.

In your opinion, how important is promotions to a book?
I don't think you can have a successful book without promotions. This is a media overloaded world and to be heard, you have to get out there. With the social networks taking over, I think promotion is becoming more important than ever.

Did you ever experience writer's block?
Not yet, thank God. My problem is that I cannot get the ideas to stop. I find myself juggling two or three books at a time in my head, which makes for many restless nights. 



It is an honor and with great pleasure to Interview author Behcet Kaya today. Thank you for your time Behcet. I wish you much Success in your writing endeavors.

~~~Author Interview~~~

What inspires you to write?
Often, I am inspired by simple words, or a situation that I encounter in everyday life. I carry these thoughts in my head, and let them evolve. I hike the mountains, let inspiration flow, then come home, and write until I have emptied all my thoughts on paper.

Who is your favorite author?

Did you enjoy reading as a child?
Yes. I read everything I could put my hands on, including all the Turkish translated Mike Hammer books.

If you were to write in a different genre, what would it be?
 Actually, my next novel, ERIN'S STORY, is a love story.

Do you have current work in progress?
Yes. A sequel to VOICE OF CONSCIENCE, titled ERIN'S STORY.                                           


It is with great pleasure and an honor to Interview author Deborah Henry. Author of 'The Whipping Club.' Thank you Deborah. I wish you much Success.

~~~Author Interview~~~

What inspires you to write?
I am inspired to write, because I love to explore and examine various themes that emerge in my mind's eye.

Describe your perfect comfort zone for writing.
Alone on a private stretch of beach, looking and listening to the ocean is my favorite writing room.

Who is your favorite author?
I have many different favorite authors, similar to my varying tastes in music, depending on my mood. But, William Trevor comes to mind as one of my all-time favorite authors.

How important is a book cover?
A book cover should be evocative, interesting and artistic to draw the reader to open up the book.

Do you have current work in progress?
I am currently at work on another novel, a humorous memoir, and a young adult title.