Monday, January 11, 2010


What It Really Takes To Stand out From The Crowd, The Clutter, and
the Competition.
Genre: Business
Geri: What inspires you the most to write?
Lauron: I am a teacher at heart. When I know something that I think, or
know can help others, I just can't help but to tell them, even though
it might not always be welcome. With THINK LIKE A MARKETER,
my goal was to expand the reach of the material, to get the message
to the masses. I've been teaching, and learning, and applying this
material for more than two decades. I love watching the light bulb
go off, when people finally understand what marketing really is,
and they start to get clear and confident about it. That's tremendous
satisfaction for me, so writing is one of several methods I use to help
me achieve that for more people, faster.
Geri: Is writing a passion, a stress-reliever, or both?
Lauron: The famous author who said, "I hate to write, but love to have written"
summed it all up for me. I do enjoy the process of writing, but my
world makes it hard to sit still for too long. So for me, I think it's
really about the passion of getting the message out, kind of like
childbirth. I forget all the pain, once the final product is delivered,
and I see its impact.
Geri: Who is your favorite author?
Lauron: I read mostly non-fiction books. There are many authors I find
myself following, but that's mostly because of the subject matter.
People who have earned my due respect and admiration for their
writing ability include James Allen, "AS A MAN THINKETH."
Allison Peason, "I DON'T KNOW HOW SHE DOES IT." Also,
William Taylor and Polly LaBarre, "MAVERICKS AT WORK."
There's a mix for you!
Geri: Do you have current work in progress?
Lauron: After two books on marketing, THINK LIKE A MARKETER and a
daily marketing guide titled 365 WAYS TO STIR THE POT AND PUT
WRITING INTO ACTION, I'm now focusing on a more personal
project. It's called JUST ON VACATION and it's the story of how
I became a widow at age thirty-five, after my husband was involved
in a terrible car accident on the night of our vacation in Cabo San
Lucas. Unbeknownst to me, he had become addicted to painkillers
and he feel asleep at the wheel, after taking our rental car out late
to do what I believe was acquire more medication, before our return
home. While the complete story is revealed, it's not the central focus
of the book. it's more about my personal experience, through the
ordeal, as well as the lessons learned. I draw parallels to living life,
like we're on vacation. In the end, it makes the book an inspiring
story with the intent of helping everyone live better, more conscious,
standout lives. I'm still looking for an agent on that one.
Geri: What factors place you in the comfort zone while writing?
Lauron: The ultimate writing scene for me is a beautiful outdoor setting, or
a clean desk in a colorful, creative office, and some chocolate with
a lot of quiet. Pajamas are a big plus, but time of day doesn't matter.
I can write anytime, and in truth, I've learned to write everywhere.
Life never seems to serve up the perfect condition, so when I want to
write, I must relent, and that's alright with me. Writing is always
worth the effort.
Geri: Thank you very much for your time. I wish you much success.
Lauron: You're welcome.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Subtitle: "Back To Basics Spirituality For The 21st Century"
Genre: Spiritual/Self Help
Geri: Has a special person in your life inspired you to write?
Peggy Sue: A number of my teachers growing up encouraged me to write, but
I didn't do much of it, outside what was required of me. As an adult,
I met my maternal grandmother's side of the family for the first
time, and discovered I had a whole family tree of authors and
ministers that were unknown to me before.
Geri: Did you have favorite books as a child?
Peggy Sue: Many, I have always been an avid reader, even as a child. 'The Nancy
Drew' series was one of my favorite. At age sixteen, I read 'Atlas
Shrugged' by Ayn Rand, and that book had a profound impact on me.
It seemed prophetic, and I made a decision that if it was I wanted to be one of
the ones that moved to.
Geri: Do you have any current work in progress?
Peggy Sue: I have a second book on Astrological love sign matches that came
out in July of 2009 at That was a fun
project. Currently, I am working on an online newspaper titled,
'The New Era Times' with an amazing group of people.
Geri: How did you feel the first time you were published?
Peggy Sue: Ecstatic!
Geri: It was a great pleasure to interview you. I wish you very much
success. Thank you for your time.
Peggy Sue: You're welcome.


Geri: When did you first realize that you wanted to be a writer?
Kristen: I've always dreamt of writing a book. I loved writing for news, and
won a few awards. The ideas for several books just started flowing
to me out of my spiritual practice several years ago. I hope they are
helpful in some everyday way.
Geri: What factors place you in the comfort zone while writing?
Kristen: I always meditate before I write. I love to listen to Dean Everson's
'The Tao of Healing' CD. I also use Reiki Energy to help keep my
creative channels open. Since I am a spiritual writer, I use
spiritual tools to facilitate. I light candles, place crystals on my
desk, really anything that helps create a peaceful environment.
Geri: Describe how you felt the first time you were published?
Kristen: When the book came in the mail, a huge shiver of excitement
raced up my spine. Then I cried a bit, because a book is so much
about birthing a part of your being. It's like holding your child for
the first time, after carrying it for so many months. I am so thrilled,
and filled with gratitude, that I was able to complete this very
special goal. I feel deeply gratifying on many levels.
Geri: Who is your favorite author?
Kristen: Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Emmett Fox.
Geri: Are your characters from real life, or from the imagination?
Kristen: My characters are imaginary, but there are caricatures of
different types of people I have met in my life.
Geri: Do you have current work in progress?
Kristen: Yes, I am writing "SPIRITUALITY BOOTCAMP: The Seven Principles
Of Spiritual Practice" right now. It will be completed this summer.
I am also the host of a radio show, 'Reporting Live From The
Universe with Kristen White' and a news anchor on the 7 News
on Healthy Radio. I am the founder of a holistic wellness center
called 'The Energy School.'
Geri: Has a special person in your life inspired you to write?
Kristen: My mother played a big role in supporting me as a writer. A few
years ago, she saw an article about a fiction contest in USA Today.
She said that I should try it out, and helped me to get a laptop for
my birthday. I decided to act on her encouragement. It was with
mixed success. I did not win the contest, in fact, I was in the
bottom group. The genre was romance novels, but participating in
it sparked my passion for writing, and boosted my confidence. A
few months later, I started the book, "Mystic In A Minivan." I was
finished with the project in six months, and had a literary agent
as well. My background is as a television journalist. I love to tell
stories about people. The book is a reflection of my decade in
television news. But, I had never written something as long as a
novel, perhaps a two minute news story.
Geri: Thank you kindly for your time. I wish you much success.
Kristen: You're welcome.

Monday, January 4, 2010


It is an honor, and a great pleasure to interview Author Jan Bethancourt.
Geri: Who is your favorite author?
Jan: At the risk of being seen as a romantic, I would have to say my favorite
author is Rosamond Pilcher. When my own life has been too crowded
with responsibility, I choose one of her novels that is usually set in
Scotland, Ireland, or England as the perfect escape.
Geri: When did you first realize that you wanted to be a writer?
Jan: I never intended to be a writer. While in high school, my daughter
Sarah struggled with fibromyalgia, and degenerative disc disease,
which required two devastating surgeries. Her confidence was a bit
shaken. When she went to college, I felt the need to mother, yet did
not want to smother. I began sending her encouragement, motivation,
and a few laughs by way of short original sayings, 'mom's pearls of
Geri: Did a special person in your life inspire you to write?
Jan: My daughter, Sarah, was my greatest inspiration. I am a watercolor
artist. I have been making art for over fifty years. It truly came as a
surprise when she said, "Mom, you should write a book, gather your
sayings and use your artwork as illustrations." Since my sayings
were sent by email and saved, the book was written, before she even
suggested it. My life was changed.
Geri: Did you have favorite books as a child?
Jan: Checked out from the school library, THE SECRET GARDEN, by Frances
Hodgson Burnett, was a great escape for me as a young girl. I was one of
seven children, and my parents were divorced. We had very few 'extras.'
But, I had my imagination. I recently shared this memory with my
husband, who rushed out, and purchased a new copy for me.
Geri: Have you ever experienced writer's block?
Jan: The greatest block for me is my age. Memory is a fleeting thing, or
maybe I am just too busy. If I do not write down a saying, or make
notes about something that inspires me at that very moment that
that I'm inspired, it's gone! The inventor of Post-it notes is my hero.
Geri: Do you have any current work in progress?
Jan: I am very excited about my next book. I have decided to create a series
of "CHOCOLATE BOOKS." The theme of chocolate as a metaphor for
confidence, courage, and compassion will continue. The new book
will have an emphasis on ways to incorporate 'chocolate' into your
journey through life.
Geri: How did you feel the first time you were published?
Jan: Relieved! As well as being author and illustrator, I specified many of
the details in the production of a book. Every time a reader holds my
book, I want her to know that I care about her life. All the pressure
was on me to create a beautiful product that conveys that message.
I am pretty happy with the results.
Geri: Thank you kindly for your time. I wish you much success.
Jan: You're welcome.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


It is an honor, and with great pleasure to Interview Author Lynne Ellison, Author of "THE GREEN BRONZE MIRROR."
Genre: Historical/Fantasy/Children/Young Adult
Geri: What has inspired you the most to write?
Lynne: Wild places, weird and strange events, and bits of intriguing,
unfinished stories. I come across.
Geri: Who is your favourite author?
Lynne: Several, Dostoevsky, Brian Aldiss, A.S. Byatt to name a few.
Geri: Do you have current work in progress?
Lynne: No, I'm too busy with working for a living.
Geri: Did you have favourite books as a child?
Lynne: Yes, anything historical, the longer ago, the better. One big
favourite was Rosemary Sutcliffe's," The Eagle Of The
NINTH." A young Roman travels north of the Roman Wall
in search of a lost legion's standard.
Geri: If you were to write in a different genre, what would it be?
Lynne: Science Fiction
Geri: Describe how you felt the first time you were published?
Lynne: Ecstatic.
Geri: Have you written any books based on a true life story?
Lynne: No.
Geri: Are all of your characters from the imagination?
Lynne: Pretty much, or they are compounds of people I know.
Geri: What factors place you in the comfort zone while writing?
Lynne: Detachment from daily life and routine, dreaming time
without responsibilities.
Geri: Do you plan on writing a book every year?
Lynne: Certainly not, creativity doesn't work that way for me.
Geri: Thank you for today's interview. I wish you much success.
Lynne: You're welcome.