Tuesday, April 1, 2008


1. WHEN DID YOU FIRST REALIZE THAT YOU WANTED TO BE A WRITER? When I told my wife after reading many westerns, "Babe, I believe I can write as good as those guys!' My wife looked skeptical and replied, "Sure you can, why don't you try it." So I wrote one western and got it published. I figured maybe to write another to make sure Ole Bobby wasn't a flash in the pan. It got published. "Hey," I thought to myself, which I do because I am all alone everyday(wife teaches school). "Bobby, you on a roll son, try some more.' Right now I've got another western, children's story, scary story, horror story, and a sequel to "Mercer's Manor." 2. WHAT TYPE OF BOOKS DO YOU ENJOY READING? Westerns primarily as I am from Oklahoma and I know about cowboys and Indians. 3. DID A SPECIAL PERSON IN YOUR LIFE NSPIRE YOU TO BECOME A WRITER? My wife, she inspired me, because outside of God and myself, she knows me pretty well. She has more faith in Bobby than Bobby does himself! 4. HAVE YOU WRITTEN ANY BOOKS BASED ON A TRUE LIFE STORY? Not really based on true life outside of being historical. Mercer's Manor, a post Civil War epic, is the story of Dan Mercer, an ex-union officer struggling to overcome the atrocities of having been a prisoner of war at Andersonville Prison in the Southwestern part of Georgia, being equal distance to Alabama to the west and Florida to the South. He was trying to forage a new life for himself on the untamed plains of the indian territory (Oklahoma). My other Novel, Clearwater is also historical in that I used real places, and real armament. I want to be historically accurate in my novels. Clearwater is an action novel set in 1879. The story revolves around the exploits of a small town in the indian territory(Oaklahoma). It's small bank is robbed by a murderer that has just escaped execution. In Clearwater I envisioned Clint Eastwood as the aging sheriff, an Andy Griffith type, don't want to rock the boat. Stern but fair. In Mercer's Manor I think of Tom Selleck as the ex-union officer, Sam Elliot as his sidekick and Reba McEntire as the love angle. Also Donald Sutherland as the evil Captain Wirtz, the commandment of Andersonville prison. 5. Who IS YOUR FAVORITE ATHOR? Me of course! Actually I like zane Grey, Max Brand, Luke short, and Louis L'Amour. 6. ARE YOUR CHARACTERS CREATED FROM PEOPLE YOU'VE KNOWN FROM REAL LIFE, OR ARE THEY FROM THE IMAGINATION? Both, primarily from my imagination. 7. HOW MANY BOOKS HAVE YOU WRITTEN? Two westerns 8. WHERE CAN YOUR BOOKS BE PURCHASED? http://www.ynergebooks.com http://www.barnesand noble.com http://www.amazon.com http://booksamillion.com 9. DESCRIBE HOW YOU FELT THE FIRST TIME YOU WERE PUBLISHED? Satisfied, accomplished, and contented. 10. DO YOU HAVE ANY CURRENT WORK IN PROGRESS FOR A NEW RELEASE? Yes I do. I am presently working on the sequel to Mercer's Manor. 11. WHAT ARE SOME LINKS TO YOUR WEBSITES WHERE VISITORS CAN BE INVITED TO READ A BIO ON YOU AS AUTHOR, AND YOUR WRITING? My favorite site is: http://romancewriterandreader.ning.com/profile/Bobb 12. DO YOU HAVE GOALS SET FOR THE FUTURE IN YOUR JOURNEY OF WRITING? Enjoy life and surviving the best I can with what I got. 13. AT THIS POINT AND TIME IN YOUR LIFE, ARE YOU EXACTLY WHERE YOU WANTED TO BE IN YOUR WRITING ENDEAVORS? Don't know about what I wanted, but do know what I want. To grow old and enjoy my wife, children, and grandchildren. 14. IN YOUR OPINION, WHAT ARE SOME FACTORS THAT CAN HELP AUTHORS REACH THEIR DREAM OF ACCOMPLISHMENT? Perservance! You got to just hang in there. 15. AS AN AUTHOR, HAVE YOU EVER EXPERIENCED WRITER'S BLOCK? Sure, like right now! 16. IN YOUR OPINION, WHAT ADVICE CAN YOU GIVE TO AUTHORS TO PREVENT WRITER'S BLOCK? I wish I knew--because I have it now! 17. AS A CHILD, DID YOU HAVE ANY FAVORITE BOOKS THAT YOU ENJOYED READING? To be honest, a terrible accident that I was in robbed me of most of my memory 18. IF YOU HAD THE OPPORTUNITY FOR ONE DAY TO LIVE THE LIFE OF A FAMOUS AUTHOR, WHO WOULD IT BE? Not really acquainted with one 19. MANY AUTHORS FEEl A SENSE OF SELF-SATISFACTION AFTER PUBLISHING A BOOK. SOME FEEL A SENSE OF ACHIEVEMENT, CAN YOU RELATE TO SUCH FEELINGS? Sure can! Back in high school, an English teacher told me I could not place ten words together to make a simple sentence. Well Madam, I put 187,000 words together to make 2 novels! 20. HOW DO YOU BALANCE YOUR CURRENT OCCUPATION WITH YOUR GOALS FOR WRITING? Don't have a current occupation outside of playing "Mr. Mom." I'm considered totally disabled by the SS office. 21. HOW DID YOU FEEL AT YOUR FIRST BOOK-SIGNING, OR THE FIRST TIME YOU SIGNED ONE OF YOUR PUBLISHED BOOKS? Proud as a 'possum caught in the hen house! I beamed like a lighthouse and was as nervous as a one-arm fan dancer! 22. IF YOU WON THE LOTTERY TOMORROW, WOULD THAT CHANGE YOUR PLANS IN YOUR WRITING CAREER, IF SO, HOW? No change, as I don't believe in a pie in the sky, or getting something I have not worked to get! 23. As WRITERS, WE BEGIN WITH A MANUSCRIPT THAT BECOMES PUBLISHED, THEN WE LEARN THE MEANING OF PROMOTIONS. IN YOUR OPINION, WHAT WAS THE MOST DIFFICULT TASK? Promotion 24. SOME WRITER'S NEED TO LISTEN TO SOFT MUSIC TO HELP THEM WRITE THOSE CHAPTERS FOR A NEW RELEASE, SOME PREFER LOOKING AT THE OCEAN, OR FLOWERS. DO YOU HAVE ANY PARTICULAR SCENERY, OR OBJECT THAT YOU WISH TO FOCUS ON WHEN WRITING? Yes, I try my hardest to look at the keyboard, for I don't know how to type. I still hunt & peck 25. IF YOU HAD BOOKS PUBLISHED IN ONE GENRE SUCH AS HOROR, AND BECAME DARING TO WRITE A NOVEL FOR A DIFFERENT GENRE, WHAT WOULD IT BE? I THINK IT WOULD BE POETRY!


suzannes shabby chic cottage said...

A good interview. You did well in your answers and presentation. No flim flam just ole Bobby telling it like it is with the humor peeking through. As always I enjoyed.

Author Geri Ahearn said...

Thank you very much for stopping by
& commenting. It's Much Appreciated! I think Bobby truly
enjoyed his Interview--as much as
I did in creating this New process!

BobbyRobert said...

Dolls, the reason I don't believe in flim-flamming is truth is always stranger than fiction. I've been there and done that! That's the way of the west or in my case, ole bobby has been North, South and East too. I've been everywhere it was humanly possible to go. I've been beaten, beat a few myself, been a freguent guest of the county (jail), sowed some wild oats during the week and go to church on Sunday praying for crop failure. Kudoes to you Geri, for having another place! BobbyRobert

Tina said...

I can't wait to read your books. I think that you would be great at writing poems because at times you can really spread it on thick. LOL You if you write as great as you talk I will love your books and I will be your biggest fan and best customer..
Your Friend
Tina L. Teater

BobbyRobert said...

Doll, you cut me to the bone! I don't lay it on thick enough to certain people! You on the other hand are going to get much more! ROTFLMAO!!! BobbyRobert

Author Geri Ahearn said...

Hi Tina,
Thank you for taking time
out to comment. It's much Appreciated!