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INTERVIEW OF AUTHOR Susie Honeycutt with Author Geri Ahearn 1. When Did you first realize that you wanted to be a writer? My first thoughts of writing began when I was in grade school, many years ago. I have always felt that words are so important. A person can influence others to agree with you, just by the words you choose to use. Words are powerful. With the right combination of words, a person can change the world, convince a person to spare your or another's life, changes a life. It's just a matter of finding those words. They are there. It's a matter of discovering them. 2. What type of books do you enjoy writing? I lean towards non-fiction inspirational type books. Books that encouage a person to think and analyze their lives, but I do enjoy writing fiction concerning family type situations. 3. Did a special person in your life inspire you to become a writer? My son has been my biggest encouragement. But, I also have to include my co-worker, police officer friend, Nik. He's the one that edits my books. He publishes comic books. 4. Have you written any books based on a true life story? No, except when very young, we had to write our life story for a class in school. (I got an A). 5. Who is your favorite author? Dale Carnegie, louisa May Alcott 6. Are your characters created from people you've known in real life, or are they from the imagination? A little bit of both, but I've never told them which, or who they are. 7, How many books have you written? I've written four so far, but only one, Alfaland is published. The other three, "Journey to the long Home, Angelic Encounters Of the Bible, and My Praybook" are unpublished. 8. Where can your books be purchased? My published book Alfaland, as far as I know, can only be purchased locally and online at most places where books are sold including, Barnes and Noble, Target & Waldon Books. It is also available at Amazon in the U.K. and Japan. 9. Describe how you felt the first time you were published! In awe! 10. Do you have any current work in progress for a new release? I'm working on a book, which I'm at this time calling, "Bible trivia." It jumps back-and-forth from the Old Testament, asking questions concerning characters and teachings of the Bible and it then gives scriptural answers at the end. I have also thought about writing a life story book, due to the fact my father was killed a month before I was born and my mother gave me and my two brothers up for adoption. Altogether there were five of us, and it's an interesting story the directions of all the lives. One was apparently raised by gypsies. 11. What are some links to your websites, where visitors can be invited to read a BIO on you as author, and your writing? 12. Do you have goals set for the future in your journey of writing? I plan to put more effort into getting the books I have published, and completing "Bible Trivia." 13. At this point and time in your life, are you exactly where you wanted to be in your writing endeavors? No. I had plans of being retired and writing full-time by now. I've learned it is not that easy. The writing is the easy part. the publishing world is hard to get into. 14. in your opinion, what are some factors that can help authors reach their dream of accomplishment? Never give up your dreams, but keep your day job. I suggest disciplining yourself to write a certain amount of writing each day, if just one page. 15. As an author, have you experienced writer's block? Not really. My most difficult job is finding the time to write. By the time I get there, I am ready to write. 16. In your opinion, what advice can you give to authors to prevent writer's block? Keep a notebook with you at all times. You never know when inspiration may strike you, and by the time you get back to it, the thought is gone. 17. As a child, did you have any favorite books that you enjoyed reading? I loved "Black Beauty, Little Woman, The Nancy Drew Books, and the Little House On The prairie Books--plus many more. 18. If you had the opportunity for one day to live the life of a famous author, who would it be? Let's go for the top...J.K. Rowling. It's hard to imagine having that much support, and recognition of your writings. 19. Many authors feel a sense of self-satisfaction after publishing a book. Some feel a sense of achievement, can you relate to such feelings? Of course, but the feelings upon completing a book are similar. You take a deep breath, sit back and feel good about what you've accomplished. All those months, and notes , and writing sometimes feel as if it will never end and when it does, you feel good. Getting published is more a sense of relief. A lot of what goes on with publishing is out of your hands, and isn't always fair. Much of it is not your talent, but luck that gets you there so you don't feel self-satisfaction. 20. How do you balance your current occupation with your goals for writing? It's not easy. I am fortunate, being a 911 operator and police dispatcher. I do have down- times where I can write. We can do other things as long as we are right there when the phone rings, or we get a police call. Some read, some watch TV, or play solitare, I write or am on Myspace. 21. How did you feel at your first book-signing, or the first time you signed one of your published books? I was shaky. The person whose book I signed couldn't understand why I was nervous, but I was. 22. if you won the lottery tomorrow, would that change your plans in your writing career? If so, how? No, that would set me free to write. Perhaps I'd start publishing my own ooks. 23. As writers, we begin with a manuscript that becomes published, then we learn the meaning of promotions. In your opinion, what was the most difficult task? The most difficult for me was to get book stores to carry my book. I had some disadvantages because my publisher was a pod publisher, and bookstores don't seem to want to sell their books. They gave me several different reasons, and some I do understand. 24. Some writer's need to listen to soft music to help them write those chapters for a new release, some prefer looking at the ocean, or flowers. Do you have any particular scenery, or object you wish to focus on while writing? I usually write with all kinds of activity going on around me. Most of whoch I do not choose to have, but I like it quiet. That's when I can concerntrate the best. 25. If you had books published in one genre, such as horror, and became daring to write for a different genre, what would it be? My book "Alfaland" is a mystery/romance. The books I am now writing are Biblically related. I love writing about the Bible, because I believe all answers can be found there.

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