Monday, May 5, 2008


1. When did you first realize that you wanted to be a writer? I've seriously considered writing about ten years ago. 2. What type of books do you enjoy writing? Children and young adult 3. Did a special person in your life inspire you to become a writer? Not just one person. I enjoyed the company of dear friends who were performing artists. At our gatherings, we each had a part delivering musical lyricals or stories, and on special occasions shared children's stories with their kids 4. Have you written any books based on a true life story? I think there's a little bit of true life in every story I tell. My story, "Orange Clouds Blue Sky" tells a bit about my sister and I growing up, but our childhood was definetely not as interesting and dramatic as the lives of the Patterson family. Thank goodness for creative imagination. 5. Who is your favorite author? That's a tough question. It's a close tie between childrens author Virginia Hamilton, and Paula Danziger. Although they're so far apart in genre, they are terrific story writers. 6. Are your characters created from people you've known in real life, or are they from the imagination? It just happened that "Orange Clouds Blue Sky" was inspired by my life with my sister who is autistic, but the entire storyline is from the imagination. My sister's accomplishments while growing up motivated me to introduce OCBS as my first novel. I'm mostly inspired by strong and fascinating people--survivors. A thought-provoking topic is what I look for to make a story. 7. How many books have you written? I've published two children's books(for pre-schoolers) and my deput novel "orange Clouds Blue Sky." I have several others on archieve waiting patiently for their introduction. 8. Where can your books be purchased? "I Love To Sing And Dance" And...Miss. Betty's Daycare And..."Orange Clouds Blue Sky" "Orange Clouds Blue sky" sells on Barnes and noble 9. Describe how you felt the first time you were publihed? Elated. Like a proud new parent 10. Do you have any current work in progress for a new release? Yes! I'm presently working on my new novel, "Eden's Garden." I'm also editing the first of my early reader "Joseph Series" 11. What are some links to your websites where visitor's can be invited to read a BIO on you as author, and your writing? 12. Do you have goals set for the future in your journey of writing? To produce a novel, and a children's book each year, and support literacy for underprivileged children, and adults 13. At this point and time in your life, are you exactly where you wanted to be in your writing endeavors? As first I did regret not sharing my stories earlier. Now, being a bit wiser, I believe this is the best time for a new beginning. 14. In your opinion, what are some factors that can help authors reach their dream of accomplishment? Writing is an indefinite learning process, and passionate experience. It's like dancing. A dancer never stops stretching, warming up, and is always learning to better the craft. A writer must keep writing, keep exercising that muse.Write for personal enjoyment(it reflects in our stories and draws the readers), Be open to suggestions, and pleaseeeeeeeee edit, edit, edit! 15. As an author, have you experienced writer's block? I try to stay focused. There are days when I can write almost forever, the next day maybe just a few lines. When that happens, I review my outline, and what I've already typed up for better visualization. 16. In your opinion, what advice can you give to authors to prevent writer's block? Writing exercises & brainstorming. Keep a pad close by at all times, especially by the bed. That's when my thoughts jar me awake, and I've got to write them down. 17. As a child, did you have any favorite books that you enjoyed reading? We had a large collection of books at home. I grew up with Nancy Drew mysteries. My mother had weekly Bible studies with us since we were knee-high. Thanks to my parents , my sister (autism wasn't a hindrance) and I read fluently well before attending school 17. As a child, did you enjoy reading alot? Oh, Yes! A good book was often read with a flashlight under the covers, after bedtime. 18. If you had the opportunity for one day to live the life of a famous author, who would it be? Wow! Good question! Walter Mosely! 19. Many author's feel a sense of self-satisfaction after publishing a book. Some feel a sense of achievement, can you relate to such feelings? I was testing the grounds of self-publishing when my book "I Love To Sing and dance" was printed. I just gazed at it in amazement. To see my parents eyes light up, and look through the pages, my whole world changed. 20. How do you balance your current occupation with your goals for writing? In the beginning, I allotted a few hours each day, writing my stories after work. On weekends, there's no time limit on a good writing day. 21. How did you feel at your first book-signing, or the first time you signed one of your published books? Honored (humbly so) 22. If you won the lottery tomorrow, would that change your plans in your writing career, If so, how? After recovering from shock, I'm confident I'll always write. I've written well before money was ever considered. Writing will always be my creative escape, and adventure. 23. As writers, we begin with a manuscript that becoomes published, then we learn the meaning of promotions. In your opinion, what was the most difficult task? Promotion demanded additional brain power andstrategy involving marketing research, and related sources. That was an awakening for me. I think I'm finally getting the hang of it... Well,I hope so! 24. Some writer's need to listen to soft music to help them write those chapters for a new release, some prefer looking at the ocean, or flowers. Do you have any particular scenery, or object that you wish to focus on when writing? I need total quiet. When I write, I'm actually visiting with my characters, and meddling in their lives. Sad, huh? But, I really do have a life outside their lives. Honest! 25. If you had books published in one genre such as horror, and became dearing to write a novel for a different genre, what would it be? Science Fiction! Visitor's can be invited to read a BIO o

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