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It is with great pleasure, and an honor to Interview author Thomas C. Adler! Author of: "CAMPINGLY YOURS" Subtitle: "A heartwarming journey of a lifetime at summer camp" Genre: Memoir Thomas cried on the first day of summer camp, and got a face full of pudding! Forty-five years later, he is still serving as co-director of Chippewa Ranch Camp, a girl's camp in Eagle River, Wisconsin. He owned, and operated this camp for twenty-seven years. He was raised in St. Joseph, Missouri, a town of seventy-five thousand, located fifty miles north of Kansas City. His summer camp adventures began in the early 1960's. At the age of ten, he attended North Star Camp for boys in Hayward, Wisconsin, with his older brother. Despite the sticky start, Thomas returned to North Star for fifteen years, both as a camper, and as a counselor. Thomas graduated from Missouri University with a degree in secondary education, and taught and coached High School in Denver, Colorado for one year. In 1979, Thomas purchased Chippewa Ranch Camp. Each summer since, he has supervised two-hundred and twenty counselors and campers around the clock, spearheading countless adventures. Thomas's summer camp experiences have allowed him to befriend people from all walks of life. He and his wife now remain onsite temporarily as co-directors to facilitate a smooth transition, after selling the ranch to a former employee. AUTHOR INTERVIEW Geri: When did you first realize that you wanted to be a writer? Thomas: A year ago, my Mom thought that I would be a good writer. I realized that I wanted to write a memoir about my family life, and summer camp. Mom never got to read my book, and neither did Dad. Geri: What type of books do you enjoy writing? Thomas: I enjoyed writing the memoir. I would like to write stories that serve a purpose of making people think about life. Geri: Did a special person inspire you to write? Thomas: Mom! Geri: Have you written any books based on a true life story? Thomas: Yes! This memoir! Geri: Who is your favorite author? Thomas: Calvin Trillin Geri: Are your characters created from people you've known in real life? Thomas: The characters in my memoir are from real life. Geri: How many books have you written? Thomas: One Geri: Where can your book be purchased? Thomas: Target, Walmart, Paradies Shops at the airports Geri: Describe how you felt the first time you were published. Thomas: It was a nice feeling of accomplishment. It was a strange feeling in some sense, because I exposed my family, and many friends. Geri: Do you have any current work in progress? Thomas: I'm not sure about the next book. Geri: What are some links to your websites? Thomas: facebook- Pamela Adler Geri: Do you have goals set for the future? Thomas: My goal is to raise money, using my memoir as the vehicle. I am raising money to send under-served children to a summer camp program, from this country, and South Africa. Geri: Are you exactly where you want to be with your writing? Thomas: Yes! Geri: What can help authors to reach their dream? Thomas: Study proper procedures, find books that relate to the purpose, and read "how to" books in regards to getting published. Develop discipline to stay with the project. Don't be afraid to take some criticism, and make sure to have pre-editors help you. Geri: Have you experienced writer's block? Thomas: Yes! Writer's block is common. Not to worry, just take a break, do something totally non-related, and get back to writing when it feels correct. Geri: What can prevent writer's block? Thomas: It's good to think of ideas while exercising, taking a shower, or enjoying nature, and books. Always carry a notebook and pen, and jot down your thoughts. Geri: As a child, did you have favorite books? Thomas: As a child, I liked books on sports! Geri: As a child, did you read a lot? Thomas: I did not read enough as a child. Geri: If you had the opportunity to live one day the life of a famous author, who would it be? Thomas: I think Calvin Trillin has a nice life. He writes for the New Yorker, had numerous appearances on the Johnny Carson Show, but can go almost anywhere without being hounded, and is well respected in all literary circles. Geri: Many authors feel a sense of self-satisfaction, or achievement after publishing a book, can you relate? Thomas: I enjoy new adventures in life. I never thought about becoming a published author. I had a quiet feeling of excitment when I was accepted, and it was pretty neat for the first time to see my book in a book store. I hope Mom and Dad are okay with their picture on the cover for all to see. At least I know my brother is fine with it. Geri: How do you balance occupation with writing? Thomas: I work out of my house, and for now, promoting the book is full time. A lot of work through the book is to raise money for the children. Geri: How did you feel at your first book-signing? Thomas: Well, I felt a little Mickey Mantle! Oops! He rarely signed anything while he was playing. My first signing let me know how hectic it must be for those who are constantly hounded. Geri: If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would change? Thomas: I would buy a better window shade to keep the glare down in my office when I write. I would also donate lots of money to help children enter a summer camp program. Geri: We begin with a manuscript, and end in promotions. What was your most difficult task? Thomas: It wasn't writing the book! Ireally enjoyed that part. The task of putting together a proper proposal was difficult, and tedious. My proposal was sixty pages, and I worked on that for three months. It was difficult to make connections with agents, and publishers. Perseverance is a must, along with patience! Geri: Some writer's listen to music, or look at the ocean while writing. Do you have a particular scenery? Thomas: In writing my memoir, I gathered hundreds of pictures from the past, to the present. So many thoughts came to my mind, and it was fun to look at pictures that collected dust. Geri: If you were to write in a different genre, what would it be? Thomas: I would write a romance novel about a father, and son! Geri: Thank you very much for your time! Your Interview was very enjoyable! Thomas: You're welcome!

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