Thursday, September 30, 2010


It is with Great Pleasure and an Honor to interview Author Raymond Gustavson.

Author of:     "A THIRST FOR WAR"

Genre:              Historical Fiction    (pdf download)      (pdf download)    (pdf download)


Geri:     What inspires you the most to write?

Raymond:        I get up early in the morning, and the ideas are just there. I've often
                            sensed that someone is standing behind me, looking over my
                            shoulder as I write. When I first started writing, someone would tell me
                            what to write. I would argue that it's not what I want to write, and then
                            ultimately, I would see the wisdom of their suggestions, and write what
                            I was told to write. Now, I just listen and write.

Geri:                   Who is your favorite author?

Raymond:        I can't pin this down to one answer. It's sort of like asking, which
                            President is your favorite. One runs the risk of offending someone.
                            So, I've always liked Hemingway. I learned to write from him. D.H.
                            Lawrence, John Passos, and many of our present day authors. They
                            all have something to say, and possess a unique way of saying it.

Geri:                   If you were to write in a different genre, what would it be?

Raymond:       Poetry, as I've written quite a bit of it, often serving as a catharsis,
                           after a love affair gone southwest. Also, a satire with animals, like
                           Animal Farm. Science fiction too, has always intrigued me, but I find
                           it has its limitations.

Geri:                 Did you enjoy reading as a child?

Raymond:      Immensely! My father and mother read voraciously. When I was a
                          teenager, my mother enrolled me in something like the Book Of The
                          Month Club, only for young adults and each month I would get this
                          fantastic biography, like one on Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain
                          Boys. Things like that fired my imagination as did stamp collecting,
                          because sometimes a new stamp would come out on a book that
                          I just read.

Geri:              Do you have current work in progress?

Raymond:    Currently, I am working on a self-help book to aid veterans, seeking
                        benefits from the Department Of Veterans Affairs(VA). Also, I have a
                        sequel in progress for "A THIRST FOR WAR." The title is called, "IN
                        THE HANDS OF THE WOLF." When I was a social worker in Ohio
                        prison some forty years ago, I wrote a prison novel. Recently, I dug
                        out my old 5" floppy disks, got them converted to CD-ROM, and started
                        making an outline. This is something I didn't do before. Now, I'm
                        rewriting the book. I'm outlining several more books: a thriller on
                        Chartres Cathedral; a VA critique; fiction:  the  Monet Merchants, about
                        people working for the VA;  a book on my ex-wife's idiot family; a book
                        called FINDING LOVE AGAIN, about how my wife and I met. Also, running
                        around in the back of my mind is a satire on our society, something
                        like Animal Farm.  

Geri:              Thank you kindly for your time. I wish you much success.

Raymond:    You're welcome.

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