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*INTERVIEW #2 with Award Winning/Best Selling Author* CHRISTA JAN RYAN

It is an honor and with Great Pleasure to bring back Author Christa Jan Ryan.



Award Winning/Best Selling "SILENT SCREAMS FROM THE HAMPTONS" has now been moved into a Play/Musical with first production September 16th, and has been moved into a Film with sale of Film in 2011.


Geri:    What factors place you in the comfort zone while writing?

Christa:    1. Knowing there is a wide audience of people out there, struggling with 
                        the same issues that I have had, and that I can offer some suggestions
                       that have given me Victory over all of my addictions and struggles. I
                       have been in recovery for over thirteen years for my food addiction, and
                       have maintained the course of keeping the weight off.

                   2.  Accepting my first award for 'SILENT SCREAMS FROM THE HAMPTONS'
                        two weeks before its release, gave me the sense that I had done the right
                        thing, and was on the right track. 

                   3.    Hitting an NPR station, along with some good TV coverage brought me
                          even more confidence.

                    4.    Being asked to perform in 2 Vagina Monologue Plays, One in Manhattan
                           and Houston, built up not only my exposure, but confidence that I was
                           offering something of value to making the decision to heal from my
                           abuse of Alcohol and being a victim of abuse as a child and adult.

                   5.    Being asked to write a Play Adaptation of my Book by both Directors
                          and various other people gave me courage to keep going with what I
                          was bringing forth in my Book, regarding our choice towards
                          recovering on all levels.

                   6.     Having my Book hit Best Seller this winter on Amazon was a true
                           thrill, which gave me the fortitude to want to really keep going.

Geri:    What would you consider to be the highlight of your writing career?

Christa:     Gaining the Title 'Award Winning/Best Seller' and being able to reach a
                    select audience of Directors that become interested in my Play, because
                    of that title.

Geri:     Have you had the pleasure of discussing your book with a fan?

Christa:   There isn't a day that goes by that I don't run into a fan, who wants to tell
                   me the impact that my Books have had in their life. It was overwhelming
                   at first, but as I grew more comfortable with my new role as a writer, it
                   became a Blessing for me as well as them to be able to discuss heart-to-
                   heart who we are and what our struggles are in life, and how we are all
                   here to help each other. With each exchange, I was able to hear what was a
                   key component that led them to purchasing my Book, and where they are
                   heading, after they have explored my Book.


Geri:      In your opinion, how important is a cover to a book?

Christa:     Very Important! It beckons the reader to want to pick up the book, and
                    skim through the contents, to see if this would interest them.

Geri:     What are your goals for your future in your writing journey?

Christa:       1. Book to Film after writing the Play, I'm entertaining the idea of
                          writing the Screen Play. I had co-written the Play with someone in
                          the beginning and the vision I had could not be brought forth, except
                         through my deliverance and I have now learned that if you want 
                         anything done to express your true vision, then you must write yourself.

                         2. Finishing my third and fourth Books. The third book, THE COMPLIANT
                             COWGIRL, is a book that needs my final edits. It's about Enabling,
                            Codependency, and Compliance. The Book is set in The Tetons of

                          3. The fourth Book is 'DEADLY MONEY' set in the Berkshires of
                               Massachusetts, where Christa uncovers the Largest Heroin Ring of
                              the Northeast from the stabbing and beating of her son. She meets
                            and falls in love with an older man, during one of her last moves,
                            while fleeing for safety from the retaliation of 'The Blood.' A real
                            nail-biter! I love the idea of doing a Play adaptation and Film of both.

Geri:              Thank you kindly for today's Interview. I wish you much success.

Christa:         You're welcome.

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