Wednesday, January 9, 2013

**INTERVIEW with Author/Attorney FRANK R. SOUTHERS**

Author/Attorney Frank R. Southers
Author of "The Grievance Committee"
Genre: Legal Thriller/Literature

It is an honor and with Great pleasure to Interview Frank R. Southers. Thank you for today's Interview. I wish you much success.


What inspires you to write?
I enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping people learn, understand new concepts and ideas, and re-discover old concepts and ideas with a different twist. As a trial lawyer, I know that story-telling is a necessity to persuade and convince the audience, judge and jury, since most people avoid focusing on abstractions instead of requiring a parable to grasp the offered theme. I also know that the possession of insight helps me understand people's wants and desires, their belief systems, their philosophy, and their values. I enjoy sending the reader to a new and different venue or world, such as viewing the legal disciplinary system from the inside, or such as viewing an organized religion in a different light, such as Catholicism and presenting the reader with a challenge to his or her intellect. I suppose I am a teacher at heart.

How important is a book cover?
We've been taught almost from birth, 'you can't judge a book from its cover.' But, as adults we understand the psychology of the obvious and the covert and the way the images, colors, arrangement and size of the print can easily manipulate our need to possess this trinket which will both entertain and teach us something new. So, very important.

Did you enjoy reading as a child?

Yes. As a child, my reading included the fairy tales; the Hardy Boys; Nancy Drew series; Black Beauty; some Western novels; and lots of comic books. The usual stuff in high school English classes such as Hemingway; Faulkner; Shakespeare; lots of poetry from Keats to Hopkins to Frost, etc. As an English major, the range changed, although I still read all of Faulkner and Conrad, and Joyce. Kurt Vonnegut always gave me a laugh. I enjoy a wide, wide range of literature. My favorites now include: Ken Follett; Scott Turrow; John Grisham; Jodi Picout; Dan Brown.

Describe your perfect writing place.
My Study on the back side of our house in Austin is quiet, and with needed stuff readily available.

Do you have current work in progress?
Yes, Book Two is being edited, and we should have the results very soon. Book Three has been re-written and is almost ready for an editor and I am about forty-percent finished with Book Four, all about the Texas Grievance Committee in San Antonio. For your reading, the first chapter of Book Two is on my website at:

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