Thursday, April 23, 2009

**INTERVIEW #2 with Author Mack Beasley**

It is an honor, and with Great Pleasure to bring back Author Mack Beasley! Author of: "FALSE JUSTICE" *****REVIEW Mack was brought up in Dothan, Alabama, and lived there until 1993. He finished High School in 1961, and attended college in 1968, and 1969. He took business, and customer related courses. He completed his studies at Wallace Community College, was a sales manager for an automotive parts warehouse, and handled government contracts for his company where he worked with Army bases. Welcome back Mack! INTERVIEW Geri: Is writing a passion, a stress reliever, or both? Mack: Writing is a passion for me. I don't know about relieving stress, sometimes it creates stress, but it's good stress! Geri: Do you write everyday? Mack: No, I have too many other things I enjoy doing! Geri: How many book-signings have you been to? Mack: I would say about fifteen in the past year! Geri: How do you promote your book? Mack: I use any way I can to get my name, and the name of my book to the public. I've done TV Interviews, radio interviews, ads in newspapers, and book-signings. Also by email, Myspace and Facebook, shout life, and my own website. Geri: Have you written books in different genres? Mack: No, but I plan on trying! Geri: Do you plan on writing a book every year? Mack: Yes! Geri: What has inspired you the most to write? Mack: The joy I get from reading. I want to pass that on! Geri: What factors place you in the comfort zone while writing? Mack: Being at home, quiet, and relaxed with nothing major on my mind, except my book! Geri: Have you written a series, or a sequel for one title? Mack: Yes, I'm working on a third, and last in the Justice series, unless of course it sold real good. Then, I might do some more! Geri: After having one book published, do you now find it easier to write? Mack: Yes, but on the other hand, you feel that you have to do better than the one that was just published! Geri: Thank you very much for your time with this Interview, it was enjoyable! Mack: Your welcome!

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