Thursday, April 23, 2009

**INTERVIEW with Author Darryl E. Robidoux**

It is a an honor, and with Great Pleasure to Interview today Author Darryl E. Robidoux. Author of: "HOME AFTER DARK...One man's memories!" "HOME AFTER DARK" is an emotionally raw story of a man who-despite "escaping" home at age sixteen-achieves the American Dream. By forty, he's comfortably wealthy, and retires from a prestigious career. Robidoux's journey will inspire hopefuls to transcend circumstances, and achieve unimaginable success, without succumbing to societal and corporate pitfalls. Darryl Robidoux, who is currently undergoing treatment for bone cancer, shares the intimate details of his dichotomous life-rich in business acumen and corporate accomplishment, yet bankrupt in affairs of the heart-in hopes that his story helps others realize their dreams, without sacrificing what's truly important in life as he did. INTERVIEW Geri: When did you first realize that you wanted to be a writer? Darryl: After my first retirement at the age of forty, family members and friends urged me to write about my life, and I was excited about the idea. However, writing "HOME AFTER DARK" was delayed until late 2007 when I retired again for the second time from a long stint at entrepreneurship. Geri: What type of books do you enjoy writing? Darryl: I enjoy writing non-fiction, and factual based stories. Geri: Did a special person in your life inspire you to write? Darryl: It was not one person, but several of my friends, and acquaintances. Geri: Have you written any books based on a true life story? Darryl: Yes, my first book contains memoirs from the first forty years of my life. Geri: Who is your favorite author? Darryl: John Grisham! Geri: Are your characters created from people you've known in real life? Darryl: All characters are created from real life in "HOME AFTER DARK." Geri: How many books have you written? Darryl: One, and I'm working on the sequel to "HOME AFTER DARK." Geri: Where can your book be purchased? Darryl: Geri: Describe how you felt the first time you were published. Darryl: I felt like I achieved another dream, and goal in my life! Geri: Do you have any current work in progress? Darryl: I am working on the sequel to HOME AFTER DARK, and I hope to complete it by the end of 2009. Geri: What are some links to your websites? Darryl: Authors and Experts PRLog Myspace Facebook Shelfari Geri: Do you have goals set for the future? Darryl: Yes, the sequel to HOME AFTER DARK, and at least two others. Geri: Are you exactly where you want to be with your writing? Darryl: Yes, since writing was not a high priority during my business career, and I'm hoping to go forward with writing from here. Geri: What are some factors that can help authors to reach their dream? Darryl: To stay focused, and pace yourself with creative breaks, try not to rush with writing, and have a plan with a book outline. Geri: Have you ever experienced writer's block? Darryl: Very mildly, but I usually take a break. I walk, or sit and read, while thinking my way through the difficulty. Geri: What advice can you give to prevent writer's block? Darryl: Focus on the task by rehearsing in your mind, stretch, take deep breaths. Walk, or sit and read, but relax, and reenergize. Geri: As a child, did you have favorite books? Darryl: My childhood was preoccupied with working on a farm, and then I left home to begin working elsewhere, and concentrating on survival. I was left with little time to read, but I had dreams constantly about my life, and goals to reach. Geri: As a child, did you enjoy reading? Darryl: Yes, but my parents were poor, and could not buy books for us to read, so living out my dreams became a priority. Geri: If you had the opportunity to one day live the life of a famous author, who would it be? Darryl: Robert Crichton, or John Grisham! Geri: Many authors feel a sense of self-satisfaction after publishing a book, can you relate to such feelings? Darryl: Yes, I can feel self-satisfaction because it helped me to deal with my past, and achievement in the sense that I documented my past life to share with others, and that they may learn from my experiences and make better decisions in their own lives. Geri: How do you balance occupation with writing? Darryl: I am retired for the second time, and have the necessary time to write, and travel. Geri: How did you feel at your first book-signing? Darryl: I felt like I was exposing myself to the world of readers, and others who could benefit from the experiences as described in my book, but also like I achieved a new goal. Geri: If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would change? Darryl: Nothing, winning the lottery would not change my life, because I am an accomplished individual, and live as comfortable as I wish. Geri: As writers, we begin with a manuscript, and end with promotions. What was your most difficult task? Darryl: Promotions, because I was entering a world of unknowns, and searched for priorities among all the activity. Geri: Some writer's need to listen to music, or look at flowers, or the ocean while writing. Do you have a particular scenery? Darryl: Soft music, the sea with Whales and Dolphins, and a beautiful landscape setting. Geri: If you were to publish in a different genre, what would it be? Darryl: A suspense, or crime level fiction based on some factual data from the past. Geri: Thank you very much for today's interview, it was very enjoyable, and you are a pleasure to work with! Darryl: It has also been a pleasure to work with you!

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