Monday, August 10, 2009


It is an honor to Interview Author Mark O. Chapman
Author of: "SCOUT SQUAD: Going Native"
Geri: Who is your favorite author?
Mark: I don't have one single favorite author, but among the top are
Ernest Hemingway, Orson Scott Card, Piers Anthony, and Mark
Geri: Has a special person in your life inspired you to write?
Mark: My parents both have supported me ever since I said I wanted to
be a writer.
Geri: How many books have you written?
Mark: Four books, but only one is published at this time.
Geri: Are your characters from real life, or from the imagination?
Mark: I would say that all my characters at some point are drawn from
people I know, but no one directly.
Geri: If you were to write in a different genre, what would it be?
Mark: I have ideas for more of a mainstream thriller, but my science
fiction ideas are backing up in my head.
Geri: Did you have favorite books as a child?
Mark: I always remember getting a book out of the library about a
hunting dog, but I cannot remember the name of the book. I know
I read it at least three times when I was in elementary school.
Geri: Do you have any current work in progress?
Mark: I am editing a fantasy novel, and I am working on the sequel
to "Scout Squad: Going Native."
Geri: As writers, we begin with a manuscript and end in promotions.
What was your most difficult task?
Mark: With the novel, it is tying off all the loose ends. When it comes
to promotions, it is getting the word out.
Geri: How did you feel at your first book-signing, or the first time
you signed your book?
Mark: My first book-signing was for my parents, it was a proud
moment. It feels great to have someone buy your book, and
ask for your signature.
Geri: When did you first realize that you wanted to be a writer?
Mark: I was in high school and ever since, I have been keeping a
list, those who laughed, and those who didn't.
Geri: Thank you very much for your time. It has been a great
pleasure. Wishing you the best for 2009!
Mark: You're welcome!

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