Tuesday, October 6, 2009


It is with great pleasure, and an honor to welcome back
Author Dominique Watson.
Geri: Have you had the pleasure of discussing your book with a
Dominique: No, I haven't had that pleasure, but I do discuss it
with interested friends.
Geri: Are you the only writer in your family?
Dominique: Yes I am, well, so far! My four year old loves to write
in her own way, so we'll see!
Geri: Is there a particular author who inspires you to write?
Dominique: James Patterson
Geri: What is the age group for your reading audience?
Dominique: My age group is for anyone. I don't exclude any of my
books, because I believe we all need some
Geri: Do you believe that the cover of a book can draw a
reader in faster to your story?
Dominique: Absolutely, it's just as much important as what's on
the inside.
Geri: In your opinion, what does it take to become
Dominique: It takes self-discipline, motivation, being able to take
Geri: What motivates you to write?
Dominique: My family, life experiences, and stress.
Geri: What books do you read for enjoyment?
Dominique: I like to read books by James Patterson, Deja King,
Vicki Stringer, Nikki turner.
Geri: Has television ever inspired you to write about a
certain topic?
Dominique: Yes! What I see these young ladies doing on TV is
terrible. Our society is going in circles and I love to
encourage women to do something better with
themselves, to not make excuses by saying 'I have
mouths to feed' or 'This is all I can do' because I
know God doesn't promote some of the things we
see on TV. So, watching TV always inspires me to
get up and write, and let my voice be heard.
Geri: Has a particular classical movie ever given you ideas
to write about a new topic?
Dominique: No, not that I know of.
Geri: Thank you very much for today's interview. I wish
you the best in all your writing endeavors.
Dominique: You're welcome.

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