Friday, October 9, 2009

**Welcome Back** Author GARY STARTA** INTERVIEW #2

It is with great pleasure, and an honor to welcome back Author Gary
Author of: "BLOOD WEB" 5Star Review
Genre: Mystery/thriller
Geri: Is writing a passion, stress-reliever, or both?
Gary: It is both, which may sound sort of strange. I guess you
could compare it to exercising. You may be exerting
yourself, totally enraptured in the passion of writing,
much like exercising. But at the same time, you are
relieving pent-up energy, thoughts, and concerns. Your
mind is in motion, instead of your body.
Geri: Do you write everyday?
Gary: I may write down notes, regularly. However, due to my
schedule, I prefer writing on weekends, setting specific
time aside.
Geri: How many book-signings have you been to?
Gary: None yet. I guess in the small press world, where Ebooks
are sometimes more common than print books, the
physical mortar and brick store is not the end, all be
Geri: How do you promote your book?
Gary: I post a lot about my books, i.e. the synopsis, any reviews.
Also use promotional services off the internet when
available. In addition, I print up postcards and make
magnets for whenever I venture away from the computer,
into the real world.
Geri: What factors place you in the comfort zone of writing?
Gary: A quiet atmosphere. That's pretty much it. As long as
I can stay in my head, without too much external
Geri: Have you written books in different genres?
Gary: Yes. That really interests me. While "MURDER BY
ASSOCIATION" is a mystery/crime novel, a book like
BLOOD WEB for example, is science fiction.
Geri: Have you written a series, and or a sequel for one title?
are part of a series, featuring Special Agent Caitlin
Diggs. A third book is written, awaiting placement.
Geri: What has inspired you the most to write?
Gary: A huge interest in science fiction, from robots to aliens,
and a crossover into fantasy with an interest in non-
human earthbound creatures, such as vampires and
Geri: It is great to have you back, among many talented
authors. Your work is incredible, and I wish you
much success. Thank you for your time.
Gary: You're welcome.

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