Saturday, December 5, 2009

**INTERVIEW #2 with Author J. HALE TURNER**

It is with great pleasure and an honor to bring back returning Author J. Hale
Turner. A good friend who I met in the literary world during my journey, and
a talented Author.
Genre: Women/teen/young adult fiction/children
Author of: "ORANGE CLOUDS BLUE SKY (A novel) 5 Star REVIEW**
(featuring the ABC Cheer Babies)
Geri: Do you plan on writing a book every year?
JoAnn: Geri, I'm glad you asked, because I've been having such joy writing
my stories these past few seasons. I plan to produce one, or
two children's books a year.
Geri: What factors place you in the comfort zone while writing?
JoAnn: People who know me are familiar with my retreat to my back porch
for meditation. I love my backyard, and it's natural intimacy. There,
I spend time rehashing thoughts and events that we and our
children face, with the hope that I can inspire them through my
Geri: How do you promote your books?
JoAnn: In the past, I haven't been doing a good job in that field, time and
energy haven't been on my side for a while. With a few hurdles
behind me, I'm seeking opportunities to promote my work.
Geri: Do you write everyday?
JoAnn: Up until a few months ago, I have been writing diligently everyday.
Now, I'm in the editing process for my upcoming children's
Geri: Have you written a series, and or a sequel for one title?
JoAnn: (Smiling) Yes! That's what I'm so excited about. I look forward to
introducing my Joseph series in the very near future. Its
introduction is way past due. I'm also considering a sequel to
"ORANGE CLOUDS BLUE SKY" per requests by readers.
Geri: After having one book published, do you now find it easier to write?
JoAnn: To see your own work published is a definite incentive. I've been
writing way before my work was ever considered for publishing,
and my work has developed considerably over the years. There's
a lot of revision to be made to the earlier writings, (sigh). But,
that's okay. Writing was, and will always be a part of me. It has
its moments, believe me. Writing can be easy one moment, and
a challenge the next moment. That's what makes it interesting.
Geri: How many book-signings have you been to?
JoAnn: Just a few, with my first two children's books, I LOVE TO SING AND
DANCE, and MISS BETTY'S DAYCARE. I did do a brief signing for
my debut young adult novel. Hopefully, in the near future, I'll be
back on schedule to meet readers.
Geri: Have you written books in different genres?
JoAnn: My first few published works were solely for preschool, and younger
readers. In 2008, my debut YA novel, "ORANGE CLOUDS BLUE SKY"
was released. Now, that was a special accomplishment for me, and
I am quite pleased with the feedback from readers of all ages. I'm
presently in the process of completing an adult novel, "EDEN'S
GARDEN." It seems like my stories range from pediatrics to
geriatrics. Hopefully, "EDEN'S GARDEN" will come out in 2010,
after I introduce the first of my Joseph series.
Geri: What has inspired you the most to write?
JoAnn: Family, friends, and community. There are so many stories out there.
We all need inspiration. Life is a constant learning experience. But
it can also be a success story from one's failures, courage,
determination, passion and love.
Geri: Is writing a passion, a stress-reliever, or both?
JoAnn: For me, both! Writing is my escape from all the stress of the day.
My characters take me on a journey or adventure, and I can
actually get lost in that fictional life. Sometimes, I resurface,
feeling invigorated. There are moments when ideas pour into my
brain, without letup. When the flow starts, I can write for hours
a day. That's a good thing, but there are times I need to turn my
thoughts off to get some shut-eye, you know? (Smiling).
Geri: I am delighted to have you back, and happy to know that your
novel may be a series. As soon as you mentioned that, I whispered,
YES! However, I do agree with you that too many writers develop
insomnia, and you my dear have become my number one 'Sleepless
Author.' I wish you much success in all your writing endeavors.
JoAnn: Thank you.

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