Saturday, March 6, 2010


It is an honor to bring back Author Jennifer Swanson.

Author of:  "PENNY &RIO: The Locked Doghouse Mystery"

Genre:         Early Chapter Book for ages 6-9


Geri:       At this point and time in your life, are you exactly where you want to be with your writing?

Jennifer:     No, but I feel like I am on my way. I have learned so much in publishing my first book. For
                 one thing, advertising and marketing are part of every author's job these days, regardless of
                 who your publisher may be. I feel that I am more in tune with what my audience is looking for,
                 and how to give it to them. I have learned how to craft a better book, so it takes me less time
                 to get through the edits. I feel much more confident that I have the ability to write well, and
                 keep learning more every day.

Geri:          What factors place you in the comfort zone while writing?

Jennifer:     I like to be able to have quiet, and concentrate when I write. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen
                 too often for me. Between barking dogs, transporting my three children to all of their many
                 events, juggling a part-time job, all while staying connected to advertising and marketing my
                 current books makes for an interesting lifestyle. But you know, I think many, if not all authors
                 do this at some point in their lives, so we all learn to make do. I write when-ever, and where-ever
                 I can. Dentists offices, soccer fields, even in my car,while waiting to pick up my children from
                 school. Thankfully, I do manage to grab a couple of quiet hours a week, when I can review it
                 all. My dream place to write would be a quiet cottage by the ocean. That would be the best.
                 But who knows, I could get out there, and then realize that the silence was too much.

Geri:          After having your first book published, do you now find it easier to write?

Jennifer:       Yes, in some ways. I came up with the idea for book three in the series fairly quickly. The
                    third installment to the PENNY & RIO series will be released in summer of 2010. I feel
                    as if I know my characters better now, and thus can predict how they'll react. But I also
                    think that if you are writing a series, you have to make sure your characters remain consistent
                    throughout, so you have to be careful. It's a fine line to walk.

Geri:             What has inspired you the most to write?

Jennifer:         I write because I truly love it, and also to keep my sanity. Writing relaxes me. It allows me to
                     escape from the frenetic pace of my life, and to create a wonderful story from my own ideas.
                     It keeps me grounded. I enjoy creating something that will hopefully be enjoyed by many
                     children, and maybe inspire them to become authors one day.

Geri:                Have you written a series, and or a sequel for one title?

Jennifer:           The book I have written is the second book in the PENNY & RIO series. It follows the
                        adventures of my dynamic canine detective duo, PENNY and RIO, as they set off on
                        another adventure. In this book, PENNY and RIO must help Squeaky the mouse recover
                        his lost belongings from a locked doghouse. Through many miscues and antics, they strive
                        to complete their task, despite their canine limitations. The biggest surprise is what Squeaky
                        has locked inside. It's not what you'd expect.

Geri:                 Thank you kindly for today's interview. It was quite enjoyable. I wish you much success
                         with the series.

Jennifer:             You're welcome.

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