Saturday, March 6, 2010

**INTERVIEW #3 with Author GARY STARTA**

It is an honor, and with Great pleasure to Interview Author Gary Starta.


Genre:          Science Fiction/Erotic romance


Geri:     Which genre do you think transforms into the best movies?

Gary:     I'm going to be shamelessly biased and say science fiction/fantasy, which I write most
               often. Because science fiction and fantasy present elements of the unknown, there is
               always the promise of a great special effect, something specifically created to become
               a visual. So, in addition to getting a great story line and great characters, the science
               fiction element is equivalent to icing on the cake. For that reason, I might say it has
               an unfair advantage cinematically over other genres, like suspense, or romance.

Geri:       Do you enjoy blogging, and how significant is it to exposure for your books?

Gary:      I really haven't done much, truthfully and shamefully. I am usually so wrapped in
                writing the next book and editing the previous one, I haven't found the time. However,
                I do post often in the social networking sites to let people know I'm out there. I would
                like to let people know that I will be donating my royalties to the Namcha Home for
                Wayward Animals to fund their no kill shelter. So, hopefully people who choose to buy
                any one of my books will be helping to save an animal's life. I suspect I might be
                blogging about this cause soon.

Geri:         What are your plans in the future for the literary world?

Gary:        Simply put: write, write, and write. I have four books in the works for upcoming
                  publication. Most are a combination of science fiction/fantasy, however, one is
                  a mystery.

Geri:           Describe your perfect reading location?

Gary:          I think reading is so great, because you can do it almost anywhere. I would prefer
                    a quiet environment though. But I've enjoyed books just as much, no-matter
                    where I read them, at the beach, or in an office.

Geri:          Which aspect of a book is most important to you, the plot, characters, or the setting?

Gary:          As a reader, they all are. But plot is initially most important to me, when I decide
                    which book to read, and what story I will write next. It's what intrigues me
                    personally to get into a story. But certainly, great characters are needed to pull
                    that idea, or plot off. So, I would rank that next, setting would be last.

Geri:           Thank you for today's Interview. It is very interesting and enjoyable. I wish you
                    much success in your upcoming releases.

Gary:         You're welcome!

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