Friday, May 7, 2010


It is an honor, and with great pleasure to Interview Author Nikolaus Baker.

Author of:    "GOD'S CHAIN: GENESIS"

Subtitle:          "THE FIRST DEGREE"

Genre:              Fiction/Action/Adventure/Horror/Historical


Geri:      Who is your favorite author?

Nikolaus:      It really depends on what age you are, and the complexities of plots. My favorite author
                     of all times is JRR Tolkien.

Geri:               Did you have favorite books as a child?

Nikolaus:        Since I was quite young, I loved reading books. I loved anything that was a mystery, scary,
                      creppy, anything that would cause catastrophe and action. I loved novels, where you could
                      become part of the character. Yes! There were a few, and one that I can read again-and-
                      again is LORD OF THE RINGS Triology.  Another set of books that I enjoyed were most
                      of the Dennis Wheatley novels.

Geri:                When did you first realize that you wanted to be a writer?

Nikolaus:          In my early twenties. I moved to Irvine over twenty years ago, and I had a go at writing
                        hard work, and I enjoyed doing it. I gave it to my friend at a time when we realized that
                        it was so time consuming. I did not have the resources to quickly find information. I did
                        not have the experience in life to accomplish such a feat to complete my ambition. It was
                       Christmas of 2004, when I began to think seriously. Then, five years later, I was amazed
                       that I had written enough material for two others I had finished. So, this was something I
                       wanted to do from an early age, create my own fantasy.

Geri:                 Do you have any current work in progress?

Nikolaus:          Yes! There are two more volumes just about finished, which require editing, and another
                         still in my mind. Volume two is SCRIPTURES OF THE UNHOLY PROPHECIES-
                         THE SECOND DEGREE.  I have a third Volume, where I wanted something to mark
                          our existence, and have something to say. Something to mark, that we were here. I wanted
                         to create an original story that brought this part of the country to the attention of the world.
                         My homeland alone is inspirational enough. The history of the Covenanters and their sad
                         stories also inspired my writings, and often forgotten about in modern teaching of history.
                         I wanted my family to be proud of my achievement. As I've mentioned before, I have a
                         third Volume of GOD'S CHAIN: "Stones Of Symmetry and the Third Degree."
                         Armageddon is approaching 2012, and mankind will be judged. Good against evil, Light
                         Against darkness. This is when the book will be on sale, then get a copy before it's
                         too late.

Geri:                  What inspires you to write?

Nikolaus:            My homeland, history of the Covenanters and jogging in the early morning in Eglington
                          Park, or down the beach was all inspirational. If I had a particular problem and there
                          were many, it is a complex plot, so running along the beach helped, or looking out to the
                          Holy isle across to Arran. Listening to music also inspires me to write. With all the badness
                          and struggles throughout the world, the hatred and divisions publicised each day in the
                          news, I wanted to tell a story that might help bring people closer together, bring religions
                          closer. Break down all those barriers of race and skin, in some way, make things better.
                          If it was in my power, I wanted to be able to help people, a drive to raise money in my
                          way for medical research, ten percent of royalties to charity. My greatest inspiration of
                          all was my father, Michael.

Geri:                  What were your goals in the journey of writing?

Nikolaus:           I wanted to do something special, and exciting. I wanted my novel to be a mystery,
                         with a spiritual meaning. It needed to be a story that make people think, and allow the
                         reader to work out for themselves bit-by-bit the pieces, and at the same time allow the
                         reader to go with the flow of the story. I wanted to begin with something that happened
                         in history. I wanted my novel to have an underlying meaning, not just fiction, but give
                         something more to the reader. 


Geri:                 As a reader, what is your favorite genre?

Nikolaus:          Fiction. Mystery is top, but it must contain action, adventure, and horror.

Geri:                Are there special people who you give thanks to through your writing journey?

Nikolaus:          A special thanks goes to Jemma Ritchie for her reading of the prologue, and her
                        excellent drama experience. I thank Andrew Brewster of Players Design INC,
                        who provided me with my design of the Unity Symbol, which you will start more-
                        and-more of it in correspondence. I thank Paul Cowan, and his team, from the
                        Libraries at North Ayrshire Council. A pecial thanks goes out to all the media
                        presence and exposure, including the Irvine Times, who first locally publicised my work.
                        Also, I thank WHSmith for volunteering, and running a campaign in Ayr for Genesis.
                        A double celebration, a special thank you to Amelia and John Ritchie. My goodness!
                        Imagine coming to celebrate a book launch for your Silver Wedding Anniversary. Yes!
                        25 years married, join me with a big hand for them! Most of all, a big thank you to all
                        my close friends, my family. Thanks to my father, Sarah, and my wife Aileen. Thank you
                        to my kids Christopher, Suzanne and Scott, for being here with me this evening.

Geri:                Thank you very much for your time. I wish you much success in your writing journey.

Nikolaus:          You're Welcome.

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