Monday, December 13, 2010


It is an honor and with great pleasure to Interview author AC Katt.

Author of:   "SHATTERED GLASS"


Geri:    What inspires you the most to write?

AC Katt:    Different things. I wrote my first book, THE SARRAN PLAGUE, because I wanted
                    to read science fiction, with a triad. My second book came from a phrase. Someone
                    asked me for a different idea on a book about a bear(gay lexicon for a hirsute
                    dominant gay men usually portrayed as a motorcycle or outdoorsy type). I came up
                    with the phrase 'Bear In Suit, casting the 'bear' as a gay, very well-to-do real
                    estate executive who wears Savile Row suits with Lobb shoes. He is a dominant,
                    but not your typical 'bear.' He appears as Donald K. Drummond in "A MATTER OF
                    TRUST." SHATTERED GLASS came from two different sources, a painting of a
                    young Syd Barrett from Pink Floyd, combined with the Bon Jovi song, 'Make A
                   Memory.' The lyrics of the song, plus the portrait of a young, troubled musician led
                   to the story of Liam and Milo.

Geri:     Who is your favorite author?

AC Katt:     I love Robin D. Owens, and Mercedes Lackey. In my own genre:Jade Buchanan,
                    Mychael Black, Chris Owen, Jody Payne, Alley Blue, and J.M. Snyder write
                    great tales.          

Geri:          Did you enjoy reading as a child?                   

AC Katt:      I devoured books whole as a child. I can still read one book a day, if I have the time.

Geri:           If you were to write in a different genre, what would it be?

AC Katt:      I'll always write some kind of romance. But I have been exploring different sub-
                     genres within the category.

Geri:             Do you have current work in progress?

AC Katt:       I just finished a re-write on "THE SARRAN PLAGUE" for re-release by
                      Captiva Press. I'm currently working on a sequel to :THE SARRAN PLAGUE"
                      tentatively titled 'Living With Syn.'

Geri:            Thank you kindly for your time. I wish you much success!

AC Katt:       You're welcome.

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