Monday, December 13, 2010


It is an Honor and with Great Pleasure to bring back Author Paul A. Ibbetson.

Author of:    "OLIVER'S TALE: A Squirrel's Story Of Love, Courage, and Revolution."


Geri:      What type of books do you enjoy reading?

Paul:       I enjoy a wide range of books. I try to mix enjoyment with education, so I
                 read things such as science fiction, along with American Literature
                all through the week.

Geri:      Should one judge a book by its cover?

Paul:      Probably not, there are many books out there that are well written
                that are yet to be discovered, so I try to give different kinds of books
                a chance. I am often pleasantly surprised.

Geri:     Which genre do you think makes the best movies?

Paul:      I like science fiction, but I also like comedy, so I often look for that mix.
                Any genre that is well done in movie form can be great to watch, but
                as always, movies never touch the quality of their book versions.

Geri:       Do you plan on writing a book every year?

Paul:       I write a weekly national newspaper column, along with my radio and
                television work. There is just enough time to do one book a year. It is a
                very workable situation to write one book a year, and it is my plan as of

Geri:     Do you have a special comfort zone while writing?

Paul:     I cannot have distractions, and just about anything will divert my
               attention, so I find a quiet place to do all my writing. I am in the quiet
              place about three-to-five hours a day.

Geri:    Thank you kindly for your time. I wish you much success in your journey
             of writing.

Paul:    You're welcome.                                                                             

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