Saturday, January 1, 2011


It is an Honor and with Great Pleasure to Interview Author CHRISTA JAN RYAN.


~~~AUTHOR INTERVIEW~~~                                    

Geri:       What inspires you to write?  

Christa:     When I wrote my first book, From The Depts Of A Woman's Soul, it was to help me
                   in the grieving process of losing my daughter and what I found helpful to me in my
                   healing that I could share with other people suffering from the same loss. 'Silent 
                  Screams' was a combination of sharing my insane life as a Landscape Consultant
                 with the wealthiest people in the world, and to share what my struggles were in my
                 everyday life as a working mom, a recovering Alcoholic, a High Profile Domestic
                 Violence Victim. I wanted to raise an awareness of we as a society need to look at with
                 what we are generationally passing down to our children.

Geri:        Did you enjoy reading as a child?

Christa:     A real Book Worm, it was my only constructive form of escape from my insane
                  family of origin.

Geri:     Who is your favorite author?

Christa:    I have many: Nora Roberts; Danielle Steel; Beth Moore; Bruce Wilkinson; Rick 

Geri:      If you were to write in a different genre, what would it be?

Christa:    I'm leaning towards drama, suspense.

Geri:         Do you have current work in progress?

Christa:     Yes, always! I'm at the end of writing a Play/Musical adapted from 'Silent Screams'
                   and I hope to have it on the road by this summer/fall. I have started a suspense/
                   thriller called 'Deadly Money' The Berkshires are not what they appear to be. It's
                  the unraveling of how I came to uncover the Largest Heroin and Prostitution Ring
                  in the Northeast, right in the Quaint Berkshires, after my son gets brutally stabbed
                 and beaten by Gang members from the 'Blood' in Great Barrington and the inaction
                 of the Great Barrington Police to protect him. It leads to a twenty million dollar
                lawsuit against the police and town, which opens up the door for many people to come
               forth with their suspicions into my store. I supply the reader with the exact same clues
              as to how I figured out the Kingpin and what politicians are involved in, and how their
             moving tens -of-billions of dollars around in the Northeast.

Geri:       Thank you kindly for your time, and I wish you much success.

Christa:    You're welcome.

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