Monday, December 13, 2010

**INTERVIEW with Author RAI AREN** "SECRET of the SANDS"

It is an honor and with Great Pleasure to Interview Author RAI AREN. 

"SECRET of the SANDS" ~~RAI AREN & co-author TAVIUS E.  



Geri:      What inspires you to write?

RAI:        I usually have a message of some kind that I want to convey, either subtly 
                or more directly, and for me, saying it through a fictional tale is how I am
                naturally drawn to communicate it. Personally, I love getting lost in the
                pages of a book. I love the escape a great story provides, so I want to
                provide that for other readers, give them an engaging place to lose themselves
                for a few hours, and spark their imaginations.   I dearly love crafting worlds
               that I think readers will enjoy. Most tellingly though, I write stories that I
               personally want to read. I explore ideas that are fascinating to me, that I feel
               passionately about. Any book I write is one that I would immediately grab
               off of a book, or library shelf. I love to pour my heart and soul into a story,
              whether it's light-hearted action adventure, a thriller, or horror. 

Geri:     Who is your favorite author?                

RAI:       J.R.R. Tolkien, he crafted such detailed, vivid worlds, with characters and 
               stories that contained so much heart. When I read his works, I feel that I
               get lost inside them, that I walk through the worlds with the characters. I
               feel their pain, struggles, hopes, and joys. That is an amazing gift for a
               reader. I also love Anne Rice;Agatha Christie; Dan Brown; JK Rowling;
              David & Leigh Eddings; and James Rollins.

Geri:       What type of books do you enjoy reading?

RAI:      My favorite books are thrillers; mysteries, adventure stories; science fiction;
              suspense; alternate historical fiction; fantasy; and some horror novels. I
              especially love anything that revolves around ancient mysteries, that's like
              catnip to me! I very much enjoy being taken away from the everyday ordinary
              on a fantastic adventure that gets me thinking. I am also fascinated by 
              quantum physics.

Geri:      Should a book be judged by its cover?

RAI:       Yes and no, I'm a very visual person, so a great cover that speaks to key
                elements of a story will really grab me. I like covers that have strong visuals.
                After that, the story itself has to appeal to me. I won't buy a book that I just
                like the cover of, if the actual story doesn't interest me. On the flip side, I also
               won't pass up a book where maybe the cover doesn't do anything for me, but
               where the story really piques my interest. It's just that with a nice cover, the
               book has more of a chance to be noticed, and picked up by readers. I would
               say that it is a solid investment to craft a quality cover that, most importantly,
               gives potential readers a sense of what the book offers. It is an amazing sales
               and communication tool. 

Geri:      Do you have current work in progress?

RAI:        I actually have a few. The first priority is to complete putting the
                finishing touches on Destiny of the Sands, the sequel to Secret
                of the Sands, with my co-author, and release it. The sequel carries on
                where Secrets left off, and takes the main characters on an even darker,
                more perilous journey. After that, I have three solo novels in various
                stages of development. One is a science fiction horror novel, one is a
                dark thriller, and another is a thriller. The stories all have very strong 
                messages, and deal with darker themes. I am very passionate about them.
               The stories are fully formed in my head and partially written. I just need the
               extra time to complete them! Oh! to only need an hour or two of sleep a

Geri:      Thank you kindly for today's interview. I wish you much success!

Rai:        You're welcome.

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