Sunday, April 3, 2011

***INTERVIEW #2 with Author W.G. GRIFFITHS***

It is an Honor and with Great Pleasure to bring back Author W.G. Griffiths

Multi Published Author

Author of:    "STINGERS"

STINGERS Also Available on Kindle!/WGGriffiths


Geri:     What motivates you to write?

W.G. Griffiths:     I love good stories. Love to read them, see them, and tell them. Readers
                              also motivate. There is a sweet sense of accomplishment in seeing the print
                              completed, and hearing back from readers how they were moved, and in
                              some cases changed.

Geri:    What factors place you in the comfort zone while writing?

W.G. Griffiths:    Knowing my research is good, and I can relate to things that I have
                              my characters doing. I skydive now, because I had a character do it.
                             I discovered things about skydiving that I never would have known if I
                             didn't personally jump. The feeling of blood rushing into my legs, for example.
                             It puts the reader in my world, and then they tell me they felt like they were
                             there. That's a big goal.

Geri:    What are your goals in the future for your writing journey?

W.G. Griffiths:    To keep it all fresh, and to keep the stories coming. I have never had
                             writer's block, and there are many stories in the tank.

Geri:   In your opinion, how important is a cover to a book?

W.G. Griffiths:     Damn important. Making the cover is also a lot of fun. I like to come up
                               with the idea, and my son Luke, makes it appear.

Geri:    Have you had the pleasure of discussing your book with a fan?

W.G. Griffiths:     Yes. 'STINGERS' is easy to love. Think Huckleberry Finn meets the
                              Godfather. I never had so much fun writing anything.

Geri:       Thank you for today's Interview. I wish you very much success.

W.G. Griffiths:    You're welcome.

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