Sunday, April 3, 2011


It is with Great Pleasure and an Honor to Interview Author Janina Stankiewicz Chung.

Author of:     "FAR EAST OF THE SUN"

Genre:    Contemporary Historical Fiction


Geri:     What inspires you the most to write?

Janina:    The desire to create a world for a reader to escape into. In FAR EAST OF THE SUN,
                 I try to relay to the reader the importance of family, love, and unity.

Geri:         Who is your favorite author?

Janina:      Jackie Collins

Geri:      Did you have favorite books as a child?

Janina:     No, I lived in Displaced Persons Camps, and had no access to books.

Geri:     If you were to write in a different genre, what would it be?

Janina:       A journey of a young girl in a new world. Her trials and tribulations, her loves,
                   and her triumphs.

Geri:       What are your goals for the future in your journey of writing?

Janina:       I want to see one of my books made into a movie. FAR EAST OF THE SUN
                    is very much like Dr. Zhivago. It would make a great movie.

Geri:      Thank you kindly for your time. I wish you very much success.

Janina:     You're welcome

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