Sunday, April 3, 2011


It is an Honor and with Great Pleasure to Interview Author Pauline Holyoak

Author of:    "MERRYWEATHER LODGE:    Ancient Revenge


Geri:      What inspires you the most to write?

Pauline:     Nothing specific. I write to explore my inner world. I write because some mystical magnet
                   draws me to my desk. I write to escape the mundane world of people, and things. I write
                   because I need to write. To me, it's a sort of innate longing to get my thoughts, wild
                   fantasies, opinions and stories on paper. I write in the first person. I like to put myself
                  in my protagonist's shoes, to become her, to think and act as she does. Sometimes, I can
                  almost feel her hand on mine as the pen glides across the paper, and her story unfolds.
                  I find myself asking her, 'What happens next Emily?' Or, 'How do you feel about this?'
                  I know it sounds crazy. I used to hear authors say things like this, and roll my eyes. But
                  now I know it is true, at least in my perception. I'm a descriptive writer. I like to 
                  convince my reader that she is there by assaulting each of her senses with color, sound,
                  taste, and texture. If my reader can feel the sun on her face and the wind fluttering in 
                 her shirt sleeves, envision the landscape and feel for my characters, half my job is done.

Geri:         Did you have favorite books as a child?

Pauline:     Ann of Green Gables.

Geri:     Who is your favorite author?

Pauline:     John Saul

Geri:      If you were to write in a different genre, what would it be?

Pauline:       Children's Books

Geri:   What are your goals for the future in your journey of writing?

Pauline:     To be a NY Times Bestseller, and have my book made into a movie. One can only
                   dream. My realistic goals are to finish my 'Merryweather Lodge' triology, three
                   other books, and numerous articles I have in the making. I'd also like to write an
                   autobiography, 'Under The Shadow Of The Wheel: Growing up in a coal mining

Geri:        Thank you for your time, and I wish you much success.

Pauline:      You're welcome.

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