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It is with Great Pleasure and an Honor to Interview Author Ann Gimpel today. Thank you for your time Ann. Wishing you much Success in your writing endeavors.


What inspired you to write?

For years, I wandered the Sierras, pack on my back, in awe of the amazing mountain scenery. As I wandered, stories ran about in my head. For some unknown reason, I sat down at my keyboard, after returning from a trip to climb Beer Creek Spire over Labor Day in 2008. Three months later, I had a five-hundred page novel. It needed a lot of work. In fact, it never got any traction with anybody. But, it was a beginning. I completed the next book in that series later in 2009, and started writing short stories at the behest of a freelance copy editor, who was familiar with my work. Well, I started selling short stories, three months after I began writing them. At the end of 2009, I began 'PSYCHE'S PROPHECY' as part of a Book In A Week contest, sponsored by my online writer's group. After much revision, the second publisher I submitted it to took it around October of 2010. They signed me for a three book deal. 'PSYCHE'S SEARCH' is Book two of the series, and will be released by the end of August of 2011, and I'm working very hard to finish Book three. Also, I'm still writing short stories, sometimes spontaneously and sometimes I'll see a particular call for submissions that tickles my fancy, and I'll write a piece specifically to submit. Please check out my website for the names and locations of my short stories.

To answer the question, I believe it was my time traipsing through the back country, living in my head, that inspired me to write. There's nothing like having hours, with nothing to do but look at one incredible sight after the next, to spur one's imagination.

Who is your favorite author?

Oh my, but that's a hard one. I love Diana Gabaldon. But, I also like Jacqueline Carey;J.R.R. Martin; Robin Hobb; Patricia McKillip; and Ursula LeGuinn. Oops, I forgot Patricia Cornwell.

   Did you have favorite books as a child?

Yes, of course. In fact, 'PSYCHE'S SEARCH' is dedicated to my mother, since she read to me, long before I could talk. I really enjoyed the Narnia books, C.S. Lewis, and I read LOTR when I was about twelve. Also, I liked The Little House On The Prairie books and the Betsy, Tacy, and Tib series. Then there was Nancy Drew, Cherry Ames, and the Hardy Boys. The Black Stallion series was another childhood favorite.

If you were to write in a different genre, what would it be?

Actually, I do write in two genres now, science fiction, and fantasy. If I was to add one, it would most likely be thrillers.

What are your future goals for your writing career?

I plan to complete the Transformation series. Yes, it will stop at three books. It seems to me that most authors run out of material, after constructing a trilogy, and the topics in the story become repetitive. I'd like to have another half-dozen short stories published over the next couple of years. Also, I want to work on my re-write, begun a year ago entitled Echo Of Hope, my first novel. I've shifted it to have more of a young adult focus.

Of course, I suppose I'd love to write something that became a best seller, but I'm actually content to simply write. It doesn't seem like much of a choice actually, but something inside that drives me. It's a rather insistent voice that I find it hard to say no to.

On other related fronts, I will be keeping up my blog, and my online writer's group requires that I complete a couple of critiques each month. Writing begets writing. I learn from everything that I do. So, whether I'm reading and thinking about how a piece could be improved, or writing my own material, it all coalesces into helping me write better stories.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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