Tuesday, September 20, 2011


It is an Honor and with Great Pleasure to Interview Author NATALY RUBINSTEIN, Five Star Publications Author. Thank you Kindly for Today's Interview. I wish you much Success.


What inspires you to write?

Helping others inspires me to write. I'm a very visual person, and what I see becomes a snap-shot that later I go back and explore. Some people use music, others use paint, some use clay, and others use a pen. For me, writing is my artistic expression. I've always had a knack for explaining things best on paper, because for me, words are so descriptive, and powerful. I must have been one of the few children, who actually looked forward to writing reports, and once I got to college, I was in seventh heaven. The more paper assignments, the better, and I looked forward to the time I could spend on my assignments.

Who is your favorite author?    

I don't have a favorite author. During different periods of my life, I have been drawn to a variety of authors. Like a kid who goes through food phases, once I like a book, I will read everything that they wrote. I went through my Agatha Christie stage; Stephen King; Dean Koontz; Charles Dickens; Jane Austin; Harold Robbins; J.R. Tolkien; Kurt Vonnegut; Joyce Carol Oats; Satire; Voltaire; and Kafka.

Did you enjoy reading as a child?

I started reading at an early age, and have been an avid reader ever since. When I read a story, it's as if the words jump off the page, and the story unfolds in my mind. I get so engrossed in the book that I'm reading, that I'm oblivious to what is happening around me. It's not unusual for me to stay up all night, and keep telling myself that I'll just read one more page, and then before I know it, the sun is rising. Here's a true story, I was reading Jane Eyre in front of the fireplace, and was at the part, where the estate was on fire. As Jane is describing the smoke and flames, my dog started tugging on my shirt, and yapping like crazy. It turns out that my house was filled with smoke from the fireplace, and a neighbor had called the fire department, who were banging on the door! Needless to say, it was quite embarrassing. My family found it hysterical, but annoying, because whenever I have a book in my hand, nothing gets done. I have missed whole days, because of good books. I read a book a week.

How important is a book cover?

I personally like plain covers. Growing-up, most of the books in my home did not have jacket covers, so I'm partial to a naked book. Covers can be deceiving. One of my favorite books was 'THE FORSYTH SAGA' which came in a plain blue-and-white cover. The cover is like the pretty face with make-up that draws you in, but there's no substance, no-matter how great the cover, it won't keep you engrossed.

Do you have current work in progress?

I am working on my dissertation for my PH.D, which is on dementia and sexuality. There is definitely a book in the works.                       

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