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It is an Honor and with Great Pleasure to Interview Author KIM MALCHUK today. Thank you for your time Kim, and I wish you much Success.

Five Star Publications Author of: "TASTING RAIN"

Genre:  Non-fiction/Memoir/Inspirational


What inspires you to write?

At a very early age, I developed the skill of observation. Over the years, I have honed and perfected this talent. I'm very grateful for it, because I am completely fascinated with observing people, their actions and most of all, their emotional behavior. Don't get me wrong. I don't actually stalk people. However, I do watch discreetly, and listen carefully to how people conduct themselves in their everyday life. I guess you could say that I have taken 'people watching' to a literary level.

I am inspired to write about life, because it is so beautifully complex, and yet so simple. There is a global shift of more people wanting, searching and discovering the secret to living the life of their dreams. I am passionate to share with readers, who are seeking for that secret, by writing about real-life experiences, and examples to prove there really is no secret after all. 

People are intrigued to read about real-life situations from an ordinary person, who is just like them, because they can relate. Life situations may differ from person-to-person, but in the end what connects all of us together, is our emotions.  I want my writing to be free-flowing, easy to understand, light-hearted, and thought-provoking. At the conclusion of my writings, my hope is that the reader will walk away, and discover that the secret to living the life of their dreams has always been lying within themselves.


Who is your favorite author?

I love to read authors, genre does not matter, who have the ability to grab my interest within the first few pages, and keep me intrigued right to the end. I know that I have found a new favorite, when either I cannot put the book down, I find myself reading until the wee hours of the morning, or when I reach the final page. I find myself wanting more. The authors that immediately come to mind are: Harper Lee, TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRDS;Margaret Mitchell, GONE WITH THE WIND; Khaled Hosseini, THE KITE RUNNER; Khaled Hosseini, A THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS; William P. Young, THE SHACK; Neale Donald Walsch, CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD; Gail Tsukiyama, THE STREET OF A THOUSAND BLOSSOMS; John Grogan, MARLEY & ME; Alex Cord, A FEATHER IN THE RAIN; Beth Pattillo, JANE AUSTEN RUINED MY LIFE

Did you enjoy reading as a child?

With all honesty, I was not an avid reader as a child, or teenager. The gift of reading came to me late in life, but when it finally arrived, I became a ferocious reader. I wanted to make up for lost time, so I turned to some of the classics by authors such as: Austen; Twain; Shelley; Alcott; and my all time favorite book 'TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, by Harper Lee. To break away from the classics, I dabbled into many different genres such as: autobiographies; history, suspense; and legal thrillers.

If you were to write in a different genre, what would it be?

Fiction, hands down! I am completely amazed at the dedication, talent, and creativity that fictional authors are able to bring to the pages for our personal enjoyment. It takes an incredible amount of imagination to come up with everything from a simple idea they had hovering in the back of their minds. Characters, (Main and supporting);settings;time;location;dialogue;plot; and then on top of all that, they need to create a story that will capture the reader's interest from beginning to end. When I think of the brilliance of J.K. Rowling and the phenomenal success of the Harry Potter series,well, let's just say, that she's a genius! I am in complete awe of her wildly, fantastic and unparalleled talent as one of the finest fictional writers this world has ever read, and now, has ever seen in movie theatres all around the globe. 

Do you have current work in progress?

I have an outline for my next book, and premature thoughts for another. I have committed to start the writing process within the next month. 'TASTING RAIN' has been re-released, second edition, into the U.S. market as of June, 2011. As you can imagine and know from your own personal experience, releasing a book is a very small part of the entire book process. There is all the marketing; advertising; interviews; distribution; etc. This is all crucial to the success of getting exposure for any book.

Since partnering with Linda Radke, President of Five Star Publications and her incredibly talented team in early 2011, I am looking forward to the opportunities ahead with great anticipation as 'TASTING RAIN' soars to new heights. With an aggressive marketing plan in place, the skies definitely the limit, so why stop there?

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