Tuesday, January 17, 2012

**INTERVIEW #4 with Author SAM MOFFIE**

It is a Pleasure And with Great Honor to Welcome back Author Sam Moffie. 2010 Author Of The Year. Sam Moffie is the Talented Author of: Swap; The Organ Grinder And The Monkey; No Mad; The Book Of Eli, And his New Release titled 'To kill The Duke.' Thank you Sam for today's Interview. May 2012 bring you much Success in your Writing endeavors.

Please Contact Sam at:  uel0409@aol.com

  ***Author Interview #4***

In your opinion, what does it take to become successful?
Luck, patience, talent, and some extra cash on editing and marketing.

Describe your perfect reading location.
TIE: Outside on a beautiful day in our stone garden, and by a roaring fire with my wife while reading her Kindle.

Has a movie ever inspired you to write a story?
How ironic! Although the movie 'The Conqueror' didn't inspire me to write TO KILL THE DUKE, it figures big-time in it.

Of all your books published, which one was the most enjoyable to write? 
My latest book, 'TO KILL THE DUKE.' The subject matter of the 1950s America vs. the USSR, and all that went with the Cold War has been of great interest to me. The research and the whips of my editor and muse to be better, made a tough subject come to life via imagined people, places and things as well as real life people, who were very prominent during those intense times.                                     

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