Thursday, March 29, 2012

***INTERVIEW #3 with Award Winning Author~ALEXANDREA WEIS***

It is a Great honor and a Pleasure to bring back Award Winning Author~Alexandrea Weis. Thank you for today's interview Alexandrea. I wish you much success in your writing endeavors.

~~~Author Interview #3~~~

In your opinion, what does it take to become successful?
  A lot of promotion, and some basic good writing. I think the promotion may get you some attention, but to be successful and to keep building a name as a writer, you have to be able to write compelling stories that leaves the reader wanting more of your style and stories.
Are your characters created from people you've known, or strictly from the imagination?
Most of my characters have bits and pieces of people I have known, but some characters I do create. It's the nuances that make a character memorable. How they talk; what they say; how they react;gestures; movements; and their nature all make the reader believe that they are real. As a writer, you have to first make them real to you, and then you will write them as you see them. Every character matters in a story, just as every person matters in your life. A word or gesture can change the course of a character's evolution, just as it can change a person's life.

Do you plan on writing a book every year?
 I write at least two or three books a year. Once a story is in my head, I have to get it down, which makes me sound obsessive. But, to get better and be successful, you have to always be writing. I love to get lost in my stories, and I am the happiest on my computer, creating a new world for me and the characters. The saddest day is when the book goes to the publisher for release. I feel like it isn't my baby anymore, and I can no longer tweak it to death.
 Have you ever had the pleasure of meeting a fan?
I have had the pleasure of meeting people who love my books. It is an interesting experience, because once they know it is you, their whole attitude changes. I could be a regular Joe on the street, but once they find out that I am a writer of a book they loved, I become like family, and that is always an honor.
 What are your goals in the future of your writing journey?
To keep writing, to keep building an audience, and to keep creating stories that I would love to read. Someone once told me to write for myself, don't write to find a publisher, by creating something you think someone else will want to read. That was the best advice I ever got, and as I progress in my career, I am finding that advice to be more true than ever.                                                                                                                                                                                                               

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