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It is an honor and with Great pleasure to Interview author Eve Paludan. Thank you for your time. I wish you much Success.

~~~Author Interview~~~

What inspires you to write?
My preferred inspiration is dreams. I got the seed of an idea from a weather video, but I pre-wrote almost my entire novel, Letters From David, in my sleep. I dreamed the beginning, then the end, then each chapter in order, and that's the way I wrote the book. First, last, middle. It seemed like every chapter channeled into my dreams, which I then typed madly, when I awoke each morning. I saw actual handwritten letters in my dreams that ended up in a book. It was a strange experience. I loved it and would like to repeat it.

Secondly, I will read someone else's book, and a seed of inspiration is planted for my own work. "THE MAN WHO FELL FROM THE SKY" was inspired by 'The Body Departed' by J.R. Rain. A broad theme in his book, what happens when we die, but we have unfinished business? This is a strong theme in many stories and movies, but his is the most well-done book I ever read in this vein. He took the topic to the upper ranges of human emotion. Our books are very different, but I was so emotionally moved by what he wrote that I knew I wanted to write a book that would push the envelope with reader's emotions, as he had. I am deeply inspired by emotion in other people's books.


The third type of inspiration is from my visual observation of people, places, or things. Everything from artwork, to overheard conversations, to the way a place looks or smells is tucked away in my little nugget factory of sensory details.

Who is your favorite author?
That's kind of like asking which one of my kids is my favorite. It's top secret, because I currently edit for numerous fiction authors, including authors of bestselling vampire novels, as well as authors of many romance novels. I also have many author friends. I shouldn't tell you the name of my current favorite author. I would like to share the name of an author whose work I have read, more than anyone else. I don't know him and have never edited his books, but I am a reader for life of this talented and prolific writer, James Patterson.

Did you enjoy reading as a child?

I remember that dad used to read me chapters of 'Winnie The Pooh' and 'Christopher Robin'(not the Disney versions), and he made sure that our house was well stocked with amazing classics such as: The Velveteen Rabbit; with Little Golden Books; Babar; Dr. Seuss; and even a lavishly illustrated art novae edition of Beauty and the Beast, with color plates.

As soon as I learned to read silently on my own, I devoured books at quite a clip. Especially in summer, I read up to ten books a week, which was the checkout limit at the public library. My dad used to love to spend three to five hours a week in the library and we did that for years in Maryland, where I spent my first eleven years, and later in Arizona. Those library trips are among my happiest memories. For years, I wrote and kept my own book reviews on index cards, filed alphabetically by title in a wooden file box. I had hundreds of them. Yes, I loved to read as a child. I wore out many flashlights under the covers.

How important is a book cover?
A book cover is so important, that I believe if you don't have a good one, your book will fail with readers. It imbues the concept of your novel, every time the reader opens the book. The title carries equal weight with the cover graphics. Even the font of your title can set a tone. Books are as much visual as they are literal, in my opinion.

Do you have current work in progress?
I am currently at work on a sequel, The Man Who Rose from The Sea(Angel detectives Case #2) and Ghost Fire, a contracted mystery novella for a popular new series called The Ghost Files, and an un-named sexy vampire trilogy that's set in west Los Angeles.

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