Monday, April 22, 2013

**INTERVIEW with Award-Winning Author~JAMES CONROYD MARTIN**

James conroyd Martin
~Award-Winning Author of~
Push Not The River
Against A Crimson Sky

~~5 Star Review~"The Warsaw Conspiracy"

It is a pleasure to have you on board. Thank you for today's Interview.


What inspires you to write?
I love to read, always have. As I was growing up, I would lie awake at night, inventing stories.


Who is your favorite author?
Several come to mind. Early Henry James; Edith Wharton; Somerset Maughan; and F. Scott Fitzgerald.


How important is a book cover?
Extremely important. 'Push Not The River' went through thirteen possible covers at St. Martin's Press. The final one was terrific, and drew many readers to the story. I was able to secure the artwork and micro-manage the cover for 'The Warsaw Conspiracy' and I think it is the best it could possibly be.

What is success?
Success is getting your stories out to readers, and having readers respond. My first novel, 'Push Not The River' is based on an actual 1790s diary of a Polish countess. It was handed down in the family of a friend, who translated it from the Polish to English. In turn, my first two novels have been translated to Polish, and have become bestsellers in Poland. So, her story has been told in English, and then gone full circle back to Poland and her native language. 


Do you have current work in progress?
Yes, I am sticking with historicals about Poland.  But, the story will be moving back to 1683 and the battle of Vienna. This is  when King Jan Sobieski and a multinational force beat back the Turks, who meant to overrun Europe. It was literally the first 9-11 (September 11, 1683).


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