Monday, October 13, 2008

**INTERVIEW With Malcolm R. Campbell**

Geri: When did you first realize that you wanted to be a writer? Malcolm: I knew I wanted to be a writer by the time I was in high school. My father was a college journalism professor, so I grew up with journalists coming out to the house a lot, and spinning yarns about the exciting stories they covered, and the wonderful novels they planned to write. It looked like a great life. Geri: What type of books do you enjoy writing? Malcolm: I'm happiest when I'm working on novels with complex plots, and a lot of misdirection that throws the reader off-course from the conclusion I'm heading for. I especially like mixing dreams, and magic together. Geri: Did a special person in your life inspire you to write? Malcolm: My father was my greatest inspiration. He spent many hours a day at the typewriter writing magazine articles, and books. Geri: Have you written any books based on a true life story? Malcolm: Portions of "THE SUN SINGER" are based on childhood experiences. Portions of my next novel "GARDEN OF HEAVEN" are based on adult experiences. Geri: Who is your favorite author? Malcolm: For fiction, Virginia Woolf. I also like Italo Calvino, Diana Gabaldon, Pat Conroy a great deal. For non-fiction I'm a long time fan of Joseph Campbell. Geri: Are your characters created from people you've known in real life? Malcolm: My characters usually begin in my imagination. Then, as they come to life, they often remind me of people I know. Geri: How many books have you written? Macolm: A novel, "THE SUN SINGER" and "WORST OF JOCK STEWART." Geri: Where can your books be purchased? Malcolm: Powell's, Amazon, Barnesandnoble, IUniverse, Geri: How did you feel the first time you were published? Malcolm: I felt euphoric as well as depressed. On the plus side, was the culmination of a dream. On the other hand, I missed the give-and-take of the writing, watching the characters come alive, and telling me where they thought the story ought to be going next. As odd as it sounds, I'd come to know them quite well. Geri: Do you have any current work in progress? Malcolm: I plan to write a sequel to "THE SUN SINGER." But, first I turned to a story that has been nagging me since the early 1990s called "GARDEN OF HEAVEN." Geri: What are some links to your websites? Malcolm: Geri: Do you have goals set for the future? Malcolm: My novels are interconnected. "GARDEN OF HEAVEN" introduces several characters that appear in "THE SUN SINGER." I am currently working with the titles of "SARABANDE and DAHLIA." Geri: Are you exactly where you want to be in your writing? Malcolm: I never want to be at the point I expected to be, leaving less room for growth, and unexpected surprises. Geri: What are some factors that can help authors reach their dreams? Malcolm: Authors must listen to their hearts, and be true to their own kinds of stories, what they have a passion for. Geri: Have you ever experienced writer's block? Malcolm: If I am distracted by other things, or haven't given thought to the story carefully, I am more likely to fight with the scenes. Geri: What advice can you give to prevent writer's block? Malcolm: Stop stressing over it, and don't force the words. It's much better to go for a walk, or go see a movie, then stare at the computer screen. Geri: As a child, did you have favorite books? Malcolm: I read many biographies, and historical fiction from my school library. Geri: As a child, did you enjoy reading? Malcolm: My parents read to me almost everyday. Geri: If you had the opportunity to one day live the life of a famous author, who would it be? Malcolm: Fame would be both a blessing, and a curse. I have no interest in becoming famous in the celebrity sense of the word. I would much prefer to sell a lot of books, and be left alone to write. Geri: Many authors feel a sense of self-satisfaction, a sense of achievement after publishing a book. Can you relate to such feelings? Malcolm: Sure! The physical book that the reader sees is the tip of the iceberg when one considers the effort that went into it. Geri: How do you balance your current occupaton with writing? Malcolm: I'm a freelance writer, so writing goals are my current occupation. Geri: How did you feel at your first book-signing? Malcolm: The remnants of a hurricane came through down during my first book-signing, so I was rather surprised when people actually showed up. It was very difficult at first for me to stand in front of them, and talk about my story that was private for so many years. Geri: If you won the lottery tomorrow, would that change your writing plans? Malcolm: I would keep writing, but would not have to worry about the mortgage, or my car breaking down. Geri: As writers, we begin with a manuscript, and end with promotions. What was your most difficult task? Malcolm: If you have a knack for meeting people, and for making both you, and your book look interesting, the daunting task of promotion will be easier and perhaps a lot of fun. Geri: Some writer's need to listen to music, or look at the ocean, or flowers when writing. Do you have a particular scenery? Malcolm: I find music very distracting, especially vocals. Occasionally, I'll find instrumental music that fits the mood of the book, and use it to focus on my story. Geri: If you were to publish in a different genre than what you've already published, what would it be? Malcolm: I like the freedom of saying, "The sky's the limit." Being free to create whatever kind of story I want is my natural way of writing. Geri: Thank you very much, it has been an honor to Interview you. Malcolm: Your welcome, It was my pleasure!


Sun Singer said...

I'm trying to figure out if this makes me sound smarter than I am.

Thanks for the interview, Geri.


Author Geri Ahearn said...

Sheesh! Give yourself some
credit! Credit earned where
credit is due, And you Deserve
the Recognition. I enjoyed the
Interview, very interesting.
Keep up the Good work!