Wednesday, September 30, 2009


It is an honor, and with great pleasure to Interview Author Morgan Fitzsimons.
Dedicated to Me, in recognition of my work with Special Needs children.
I am Truly honored, and grateful. Thank you Morgan & God Bless!
Morgan Fitzsimons/Artist/Teacher/Author
Geri: Is writing a passion, a stress-reliever, or both?
Morgan: I just have a vivid imagination, which is colured by painting, so I love
to write it all down, as well as paint it.
Geri: Do you write everyday?
Morgan: Yes! In between painting, but more usually in the night.
Geri: How many book-signings have you been to?
Morgan: I haven't yet in the USA, until I go to visit my son.
Geri: How do you promote your book?
Morgan: I leave that to Fitztown, but we have a lot of websites, and in the
UK, I go to the libraries and schools to help get youngsters
interested in writing.
Geri: Have you written books in different genres?
Morgan: Yes! Romance, Fantasy, Science fiction, Education and Children's
Stories with illustrations.
Geri: Do you plan on writing a book every year?
Morgan: I write more than a book in a year. I like to have several running
at the same time, and as the inspiration takes me, I write.
There are four others out with BUTTERFINGERS AND SECRETS.
and LADY OF THE MOON. Currently, I am finishing THE LAST
ENCHANTER, which will be going to Fitztown this week. THE
WATCHER TRIOLOGY, Celtic mystery in the past and today,
one and two will be finished soon. I have several others in the
pipeline. Also, in the next month, some of the children's HIDDEN
GATE TALES will be available, and the FitzTown Chronicles for
children will begin. There will be another about Maisy from
by Christmas.
Geri: What has inspired you the most to write?
Morgan: People in my past and present family, plus the need of many people
for interesting, action-filled romantic adventures that are
presented in an easy format for reading. I am disturbed by some of
the current trends for heroes, who are villains such as vampires,
or serial killers. I come from an age, when heroes were just that,
and were something to aspire to be, and I think many of us
would like to see that again. Reading can be something to lift us
out of our circumstances and for a brief time, sail on some
enchanted ship to a place where we can empathise with the hero,
or the heroine and come back down to earth, refreshed and ready
to tackle our circumstances again. The books I read as a girl,
always did that for me, and I hope I can make some little
contribution to that today. I can certainly forget my disabilities
when writing them, so perhaps, readers will feel the same. People
in need are the ones who inspire me the most.
Geri: Thank you kindly for today's interview. You are an inspiration to many.
Welcome back, and I wish you much success.
Morgan: You're welcome.

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