Sunday, January 10, 2010


Geri: When did you first realize that you wanted to be a writer?
Kristen: I've always dreamt of writing a book. I loved writing for news, and
won a few awards. The ideas for several books just started flowing
to me out of my spiritual practice several years ago. I hope they are
helpful in some everyday way.
Geri: What factors place you in the comfort zone while writing?
Kristen: I always meditate before I write. I love to listen to Dean Everson's
'The Tao of Healing' CD. I also use Reiki Energy to help keep my
creative channels open. Since I am a spiritual writer, I use
spiritual tools to facilitate. I light candles, place crystals on my
desk, really anything that helps create a peaceful environment.
Geri: Describe how you felt the first time you were published?
Kristen: When the book came in the mail, a huge shiver of excitement
raced up my spine. Then I cried a bit, because a book is so much
about birthing a part of your being. It's like holding your child for
the first time, after carrying it for so many months. I am so thrilled,
and filled with gratitude, that I was able to complete this very
special goal. I feel deeply gratifying on many levels.
Geri: Who is your favorite author?
Kristen: Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Emmett Fox.
Geri: Are your characters from real life, or from the imagination?
Kristen: My characters are imaginary, but there are caricatures of
different types of people I have met in my life.
Geri: Do you have current work in progress?
Kristen: Yes, I am writing "SPIRITUALITY BOOTCAMP: The Seven Principles
Of Spiritual Practice" right now. It will be completed this summer.
I am also the host of a radio show, 'Reporting Live From The
Universe with Kristen White' and a news anchor on the 7 News
on Healthy Radio. I am the founder of a holistic wellness center
called 'The Energy School.'
Geri: Has a special person in your life inspired you to write?
Kristen: My mother played a big role in supporting me as a writer. A few
years ago, she saw an article about a fiction contest in USA Today.
She said that I should try it out, and helped me to get a laptop for
my birthday. I decided to act on her encouragement. It was with
mixed success. I did not win the contest, in fact, I was in the
bottom group. The genre was romance novels, but participating in
it sparked my passion for writing, and boosted my confidence. A
few months later, I started the book, "Mystic In A Minivan." I was
finished with the project in six months, and had a literary agent
as well. My background is as a television journalist. I love to tell
stories about people. The book is a reflection of my decade in
television news. But, I had never written something as long as a
novel, perhaps a two minute news story.
Geri: Thank you kindly for your time. I wish you much success.
Kristen: You're welcome.

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