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It is an Honor and with Great Pleasure to Interview Author MARC DOUGLAS.

Author of:    "SLINGSHOT"                      

First of a three book series!

The sequel to "SLINGSHOT" is "THE ROAD TO DAMARI"  Followed by:



Geri:     What inspires you to write?

Marc:    I have written all of my life. September 11th, 2001, coincided with some
              personal events that dramatically changed my life. I began 'SLINGSHOT'
              almost immediately after the WTC attack, and spent the next nine years
              completing it. Up until that point, I believed I was firmly in control of my
              life, nothing could have been further from the truth. This revelation required
              thought. As writing is my medium, the issue of controlling life continually
              appears in 'SLINGSHOT' and all my other works.

              Terrorism; corrupt/inept governments; war; environmental crisis; and dwindling
              resources all beg the questions: How did we get here, and where do we go
              from here? 'SLINGSHOT' is a 'What If' adventure. A story of romance, courage,
              and fortitude of people placed in very difficult circumstances. 

              I have always admired the ability to combine words into sentences that can
              allow someone to walk among a writer's thoughts, and bring you into an era
              previously unknown. Authors, long dead, can reach across time as though
              they sat next to you. Simple, common place words, ink on a page can
              transport you into another world, feel emotions of a person you have never
              met and introduce new ideas and thoughts. Habits, emotions of days long
              gone are revealed, the dust is removed, and you live that life so long ago.

Geri:      Who is your favorite author?    

Marc:     Well, that is impossible to answer as there are so many. Charles Dickens has
                always been a favorite. I loved THE OLD CURIOSITY SHOP, GREAT
                EXPECTATIONS, and so many others. His ability with words was incredible.
                Dumas created great stories, and I am currently working on a manuscript 
                inspired by "THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO." Hugo wrote perhaps my
                favorite story, "LES MISERABLES." James Fenimore Cooper did a 
                wonderful job with the "LEATHERSTOCKING TALES." Dean Koontz is
                always enjoyable to read and has inspired a couple of books I have written
                as well as the dogs in SLINGSHOT, ''THE WATCHERS" by Dean Koontz.
                Jane Austen's "PRIDE and PREJUDICE" is a good, fun read. Mark Twain is
               classic. I really liked Bram Stoker's "DRACULA."  Tolkien's "LORD OF THE
               RINGS" was a book I read to my kids. CS Forrester's Horatio Hornblower
               series was great fun to read growing up. As a kid, I loved the Hardy Boys, and
               burned through their books.

Geri:    Do you have current work in progress?

Marc:     I am doing the final polish on BLIND SIGHT, which is my second thriller.
               The art work is finished, and the book should be available in a month
                or so. "THE SULTAN'S ANGEL" is almost done, and ready for editing.
             I would say it has a chance at being released second or third quarter next
            year. The second and the third book of the "SLINGSHOT" series are done,
           but I will be fine tuning them before they are published.

Geri:   Should one judge a book by its cover?

Marc:     No, but a good cover can catch your eye and your interest. Therefore, it
                is very important.

Geri:      If you were to write in a different genre, what would it be?

Marc:      Well, the "SLINGSHOT" series is science fiction, but it is woven with the
                 elements that we live with today. I have to say that I am picky about what
                 I like in science fiction. Personally, I don't care for long stretches of the
               imagination, magic or fantasy. There are exceptions to the rule. I loved
               "LORD OF THE RINGS" so very much that I read it word-for-word to my
              kids as they grew up as a bed time story. "FOOTBALL" by Larry Nivens is
              nothing short of excellent. After finishing SLINGSHOT and the sequels, I
              took some time off to read another Dean Koontz novel. His imagination is
              fantastic, but I think the fact that the good guys always wins is why I am
             hooked on his books, that and his obvious love of dogs. I decided to try
            my hand at a thriller after finishing "WHISPERS" by Koontz, and published
            "SOON."  "SOON" was written for my own enjoyment. My editor really liked it,
            and she was who convinced me to publish it, thank you Amanda. I think two
            genres are enough, and I enjoy both immensely. That is not to say I don't love
            a good mystery, historical fiction, romance, or drama.   I just don't see those
            genres for me right now.

Geri:       Thank you for your time. I wish you much success.

Marc:       You're welcome.  

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